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Are the small sacs that are used for cellular transport?

Are the small sacs that are used for cellular transport?

Vesicles are tiny sacs that transport material within or outside the cell.

Which organelle is used to transport materials around the cell?

The endoplasmic reticulum (ER)
The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is a complex, extensive network that transports materials throughout the inside of a cell.

What are the little sacs that carry molecules called?

Vesicles Vesicles are small sacs. They carry different molecules to where they are needed.

What stores and transports cell products?

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Term Definition
smooth endoplasmic reticulum Endoplasmic reticulum without ribosomes embedded on its surface.
transport vesicle Vesicle that moves molecules between locations inside the cell.
vacuole large sac-like organelle that stores and transports materials inside a cell.

What do Golgi bodies use to transport molecules out of cells?

Golgi bodies use _EXOCYTOSIS to release molecules outside the cell.

What transport does not require energy?

Simple diffusion does not require energy: facilitated diffusion requires a source of ATP. Simple diffusion can only move material in the direction of a concentration gradient; facilitated diffusion moves materials with and against a concentration gradient.

What cell makes ribosomes?

Eukaryote ribosomes are produced and assembled in the nucleolus. Ribosomal proteins enter the nucleolus and combine with the four rRNA strands to create the two ribosomal subunits (one small and one large) that will make up the completed ribosome (see Figure 1).

How a cell works like a factory?

A cell can be thought of as a “factory,” with different departments each performing specialized tasks. A cell’s plasma membrane regulates what enters or leaves the cell. The cytoplasm is similar to the factory floor where most of the products are assembled, finished, and shipped.

How the cell is like a factory?

What cell stores proteins?

Cell Parts and Transport Flashcards/Matching

organelles that make proteins ribosomes
organelle in plant cells that stores water and helps support the cell structure central vacuole
oganelle that packages and distributes proteins golgi apparatus
substance in the nucleus that contains genetic information chromatin or DNA

How are proteins transported in a cell?

From the endoplasmic reticulum, proteins are transported in vesicles to the Golgi apparatus, where they are further processed and sorted for transport to lysosomes, the plasma membrane, or secretion from the cell.