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Where does Biffa operate?

Where does Biffa operate?

Biffa plc is a waste management company headquartered in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. It provides collection, landfill, recycling and special waste services to local authorities and industrial and commercial clients in the UK. As of 2017 it is the second-largest UK-based waste-management company.

Is Biffa an international company?

As one of the UK’s leading waste management businesses, we offer coverage across the country, and can provide waste management services for 95% of UK postcodes. With a total of 100+ depots nationwide, we operate in 49 counties across the UK.

How many Biffa sites in the UK?

We also manage 62 closed landfill sites in the UK.

Is Biffa a good company to work for?

Productive and great job satisfaction Biffa support some amazing causes, care about their employees and customers. I’ve been in sales for several years and Biffa is by far the best company I have worked for.

What does Biffa stand for?


Acronym Definition
BIFFA British Isles Flying Fifteen Association (UK)

Is Biffa a British company?

Biffa is a Great British company. We have been listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2016 under the ticker “BIFF” and in March 2020, we entered the FTSE-250.

Where is the biggest landfill site in the UK?

Packington, UK The Packington Landfill outside Birmingham is one of the UK’s biggest landfill sites. It’s technically a ‘land raise’, as it forms a towering hill of waste in the countryside, rather than being hidden underground.

What is the largest landfill in the world?

The Estrutural landfill in Brasilia, Brazil is one of the largest municipal waste landfills in the world, spanning some 136 hectares….Size of largest landfills globally as of 2019 (in acres)

Landfill (location) Size in acres

How many employees does Biffa have?

6000 employees
Biffa has over 6000 employees and a turnover of [circa] £830 million.

How much does Biffa make a year?

Waste management company Biffa reports its net revenue grew to more than £1.1 billion in the 2019/20 financial year, up 7% on the previous period.

What companies do Biffa own?

Key People Biffa PLC Ltd., GS Acquisitions Ltd., Specialist Waste Recycling Ltd. Biffa Leicester Ltd., Biffa Corporate Holdings Ltd., Biffa Waste Management Ltd., Biffa West Sussex Ltd., Biffa Group Holdings (UK) Ltd., Island Waste Services Ltd.

Who is the CEO of Biffa?

Michael Topham (Sep 29, 2018–)

Michael Topham: Chief Executive Officer Michael is Chief Executive Officer of leading UK sustainable waste management company, Biffa plc. He joined Biffa in 2010, was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2013, and subsequently CEO in 2018.

What kind of company is Biffa Group Limited?

Biffa Group Limited is a leading UK waste management company headquartered in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. It provides collection, recycling, treatment, disposal and technologically-driven energy generation services across four operating divisions.

What kind of channels does biffa2001 have?

Biffa2001 also has two other channels: Biffa Plays Minecraft, where he uploaded Minecraft videos and Hermitcraft episodes, and Biffa Plays Strategy, where he uploads a variety of strategy games. All of Biffa2001’s episodes on both his main channel and his Minecraft channel have been made private.

What did Rachel do before she joined Biffa?

Before joining Biffa, Rachel worked in the environmental department at Cemex but now 6 years on, she manages one of our landfill sites. “I love the variety of tasks and the people I get to deal with in this job. It’s a busy site so I have 8 in the team full time plus anything up to 50 contractors on site.”

What did Richard Biffa do for a living?

The business was founded in Wembley by Richard Henry Biffa in 1912. The company, then called Richard Biffa Limited, was engaged in the removal and sale of ashes and clinker from London power stations, later adding sand and gravel and waste disposal to its operations.