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Why is there a Bahai temple in Wilmette?

Why is there a Bahai temple in Wilmette?

The temple was designed by French-Canadian architect Louis Bourgeois (1856–1930), who received design feedback from ʻAbdu’l-Bahá during a visit to Haifa in 1920. To convey the Baháʼí principle of the unity of religion, Bourgeois incorporated a variety of religious architecture and symbols.

What state is home to the only Bahai temple in the US?

The Bahá’í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois. One of ten dedicated temples of the faith, it is the oldest surviving Bahá’í House of Worship in the world. One of only seven in the world and the only one in North America, the Baha’i House of Worship is the largest and oldest surviving Baha’i Temple.

Where is the largest Bahai temple?

Wilmette House of Worship
The Wilmette House of Worship is the largest and the oldest surviving Bahá’í House of Worship.

How many Baha’i houses of worship are there in the world?

nine Bahá’í houses
There are only nine Bahá’í houses of worship in the world. All nine temples share certain design features, including domes and gardens.

Who worships Bahai?

Bahá’ís see themselves as a people with a mission to bring harmony and unity in the world, and this is reflected in their spiritual practice. The main purpose of life for Bahá’ís is to know and love God. Prayer, fasting and meditation are the main ways of achieving this and for making spiritual progress.

Do Baha’is believe in heaven?

The Baha’i writings describe the mind–body dualism using various analogies to express the independence of the soul from the body. Heaven is a soul being close to God, not a place but a condition, as it undergoes an eternal spiritual evolution.

Can you get married at the Bahai Temple?

A Baha’i marriage ceremony can take place just about anywhere. Interfaith marriages are encouraged. . If say a Baha’i were to marry a Christian and the Christian wants a church ceremony the Baha’i “ceremony” is held on the same day in another location but not mixed in with the Christian ceremony say in the church.

What does 9 pointed star mean?

Baha’i: The Bahai symbol of the nine-pointed star reflects the importance of the number for the Faith. The number nine is the highest single digit number symbolizes completement and the fulfillment of the expectations of all prior religions. The star is often portrayed on Bahai temples, which are nine-sided.

What is the holy book of Bahai?

The Kitāb-i-Aqdas
The Kitāb-i-Aqdas (Persian: کتاب اقدس‎), or simply Aqdas (Persian: اقدس‎) is the central religious text of the Baháʼí Faith written by Baháʼu’lláh, the founder of the religion, in 1873.

Is Bahai an Abrahamic religion?

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are the Abrahamic religions with the greatest numbers of adherents. Abrahamic religions with fewer adherents include the Baháʼí Faith, Druzism (sometimes considered a school of Ismaili Islam), Samaritanism, and Rastafari.

Is Bahai a religion?

The Baha’i Faith is a dynamic world religion with several million adherents from a variety of different religious and cultural backgrounds. The central figure of the religion is Baha’u’llah, and Baha’is consider him to be the latest in a series of divine messengers.

Who is God to Bahai?

The Baháʼí conception of God is essentially monotheistic. God is the imperishable, uncreated being who is the source of all existence. He is described as “a personal God, unknowable, inaccessible, the source of all Revelation, eternal, omniscient, omnipresent and almighty”.

Where is the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette IL?

The temple is located just off of Sheridan Rd. By public transport: Take Red Line El north to the termination point, then the Purple Line to its termination point. From the station, turn right on Linden Avenue and walk 2-3 blocks to the temple. Free admission. Open every day from 6am-10pm.

Where is the Baha’i House of worship in Illinois?

Stories from the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois, one of eight continental Baha’i Temples around the world. The Office of Public Affairs represents the American Baha’i community on the national stage in relationships with the government, NGOs, thinkers, like-minded groups and media organizations.

Which is the oldest Baha’i Temple in the world?

May 23, 1978. The Bahá’í House of Worship (or Bahá’í Temple) is a temple in Wilmette, Illinois. One of ten dedicated temples of the Bahá’í Faith, it is the oldest surviving Bahá’í House of Worship in the world.

Where is the Mother Temple of the west?

Known by Baha’is as the “Mother Temple of the West” and formally as the “Bahá’í House of Worship for the North American Continent” and located near Chicago, Illinois it is the largest and the oldest surviving Bahá’í temple in the world.