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Why does Brenda get upset with Jess?

Why does Brenda get upset with Jess?

As Chapter 6 begins, it’s almost Christmas, and Jess’s sister Brenda really makes Jess angry by calling his best friend Leslie a stick (meaning she’s skinny and tall, and not busty or curvy). “What are you giving your girl friend, Jess?” Brenda screwed her face up in that ugly way she had. He tried to ignore her.

What happens in chapter 11 of Bridge to Terabithia?

Leslie had tried to swing into Terabithia and the rope broke. She hit her head on something when she fell, which explains why the fact that she could swim did not help her. Jess denies it all point-blank, accusing his father of lying to him. His dad takes the pickup after him, and picks him up and carries him in.

Who does Jess blame for Leslie’s death?

Jess believes that it’s his fault that Leslie died because he didn’t invite her along on the day trip with Mrs Edmunds. In his mind, that would have prevented her from attempting to go to Terabithia herself and drowning.

What happened in chapter 12 of Bridge to Terabithia?

Jesse overhears that Leslie will be cremated, and realizing that he will never see her face again, this news sends him into a tailspin. His discomfort turns into anger, and he is angry at everyone who is making decisions that he feels are self-serving. Jesse concludes that he is the only one who truly cared for Leslie.

What happened to Jess dad right before Easter?

What happened to Jess’ dad right before Easter? He changed his attitude. He decided to work less. He was laid off from his job.

Why did Ellie and Brenda refuse to go to church?

Why were Ellie and Brenda refusing to go to church? They would not have any new clothes to wear. They did not want to be seen with the rest of the family. They were upset because they had gained so much weight.

What did Jess do on his first visit to Terabithia after Leslie died?

When Jess and his parents paid their respects, Jess became angry when —. What did Jess do on his first visit to Terabithia after Leslie died? He destroyed the castle stronghold and threw the supplies into the creek. He made a funeral wreath for the queen and laid it in the sacred grove.

Why is the glass of milk that Jess pours for himself warm?

The milk is warm because it just recently came out of the cow. Like humans, cows are warm-blooded animals, so their milk comes out warm to the touch.

Why did Jess hit May Belle?

Jess hits his little sister May Belle in the face, hard. Jess hits May Belle after returning from “paying (his) respects” to the family of his best friend Leslie Burke. Jess has been stunned by her death, and completely unprepared to deal with his tumultuous feelings of guilt, bewilderment, and grief.

How did Jess feel after Leslie died?

In Bridge to Terabithia, Jess reacts to the news of Leslie’s death by being in denial. When his father tells him about the tragic event, Jess accuses him of lying. He also tells May Belle that it’s a lie. He does this because he knows that she believes that Leslie will go to hell, as she’s not a Christian.

What does Jess and Leslie do when they hear Janice crying?

A few days later, Leslie comes out to recess and tells Jess that she has heard Janice Avery crying in the bathroom—she can tell it was Janice because the name Willard Hughes was written (and crossed out) on the girl’s sneakers.

What was Jess first thought when he woke up?

When he wakes up his first thought is that he has forgotten the milking, but when he gets to the kitchen he discovers that his father has done it. His mother is strangely gentle toward him, and she has made him pancakes. Jess absorbs himself in eating his pancakes, thinking only how good they are.

Why did Miss Edmunds invite Jess to the museum?

Miss Edmunds invites Jess because her nephew could not attend. She also knows how much Jess loves art, and that he might not otherwise have the opportunity to go a museum. Why does Brenda get upset with Jess for eating so many pancakes? Brenda seems to feel that Jess is acting like Leslie is not dead.

How does Jess feel about his father in bridge to Terabithia?

Describe the relationship Jess has with his father in one well-written sentence. Jess looks up to his father; however he is discouraged because he knows his father loves him but does not support him in his artistic endeavors. How do the members of the Aarons family (other than Jess) feel about Leslie?