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Why did David Thompson go to New Hampshire?

Why did David Thompson go to New Hampshire?

After Priscilla was baptized, her father left on a fishing expedition to New England with Captain Abraham Jennings and was accompanied by his former teacher, Dr. Richard Vines who certified him as an apothecary. Thomson decided he wanted to live on the Piscataqua and asked Gorges for a patent.

Why did David Thompson become an explorer?

Thompson often took those children and his wife on his trips, venturing into unknown, sometimes hostile territory. At the Hudson’s Bay Company, he was valued as a fur trader, but Thompson wanted to explore rather than trade.

Where did David Thompson settle?

Retirement from NWC After his retirement from the North West Company in 1812, Thompson settled in Terrebonne, north of Montreal, with his family.

How did David Thomson get rich?

David Thomson and his family control a media and publishing empire founded by his grandfather Roy Thomson. The family’s biggest holding: more than 320 million shares of Thomson Reuters, where Thomson serves as chairman.

What was David Thompson hoping to find?

In 1797 Thompson descended a stretch of the Missouri River, and in 1798 he discovered Turtle Lake, one of the headwaters of the Mississippi River. In 1807 he crossed the Rocky Mountains by the Howse Pass and built the first trading post on the Columbia River.

Where did David Thompson get his land from?

According to an Indenture signed in Plymouth, England, Thomson received 3/4 of the plantation and 1/4 was held by three former mayors of Plymouth, Abraham Colmer, Nicholas Sherwill, and Leonard Pomery.

Why did David Thompson think it was the Columbia River?

He thought it was the river discovered by his countryman Alexander MacKenzie in 1793, today known as the Fraser. That is because Thompson found himself on a large river flowing north. If this were the Columbia, he reasoned, it should be flowing south toward the Pacific.

What did David Thompson do in New Hampshire?

Thompson helped rescue a stranded Native American boy on the Isle of Shoals during his 1619 trip, and the boy was given to Thompson as a servant by the local sachem. The colony that became the state of New Hampshire was founded on a 6,000 acre land grant given in 1622 by the Council for New England to Mr. David Thomson, gent.

Where did David Thompson go to school as a child?

David Thompson was born in Westminster, Middlesex, to recent Welsh migrants David and Ann Thompson. When Thompson was two, his father died. Due to the financial hardship with his mother without resources, Thompson and his older brother were placed in the Grey Coat Hospital, a school for the disadvantaged of Westminster.