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Who won the most consecutive championships?

Who won the most consecutive championships?

From 1947 to 1964 the Yankees won 15 of 18 AL pennants and 10 World Series, including five in a row from 1949 to 1953. This is the MLB record for most consecutive championships.

Which team has won the most championships in a row?

The Boston Celtics hold the longest consecutive NBA Finals appearance streak with ten appearances between 1957 and 1966. During the streak, the Celtics won eight consecutive NBA championships—also an NBA record….NBA Playoffs series win streaks.

^ Longest streak in team history
~ Tied for longest streak in team history

What’s the longest winning streak in MLB history?

26 straight wins
The longest winning streak in MLB history is a contentious topic. The 1916 New York Giants technically hold the record at 26 straight wins, but it came with an unofficial tie during the run.

What’s the worst MLB record ever?

The 1899 Cleveland Spiders own the worst single-season record of all time (minimum 120 games) and for all eras, finishing at 20–134 (.

What’s the record for most consecutive wins in golf?

The all-time record for most consecutive wins is one of the most-famous records in all of golf. We spotlight that record first, then give you the list of the other longest win streaks below.

Who is the MLB team with the most wins in a row?

Milwaukee had Hall of Famers Paul Molitor and Robin Yount, but missed the playoffs despite a 91-71 finish. It only makes sense that the team with 27 World Series championships has won the most in a row.

What was the longest winning streak in NBA history?

The Celtics won eight NBA championships in a row from 1959 to 1966. Their streak is the longest consecutive title run of any professional team in U.S. sports history.

Who is the only team to have won all 32 NCAA Championships?

The Lady Vols are the only team to have appeared in all 32 NCAA tournaments. The Bruins won seven consecutive national titles in men’s basketball from 1967 to 1973 under head coaching legend John Wooden. The Bruins won 10 titles in a 12-year span under Wooden.