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Who owns Funky Trunks?

Who owns Funky Trunks?

Owner Duncan McLean
MELBOURNE: The director of swimwear brands Funky Trunks and Funkita has reported a determined strategy to boost business in Europe and the UK in 2011. Owner Duncan McLean, a former competitive swimmer, said he wants to increase the company’s export sales ratio from eight to 20 per cent this year.

Is Funkita Australian?

History. The Way Funky Company is an Australian company with our design house located in Collingwood, Australia. We produce the swimwear labels, Kiargo, a fashion separates range for women, Funky Trunks for men, boys and toddlers and the active label Funkita for ladies, girls and toddlers.

Where are funky trunks manufactured?

Born and bred in Melbourne, Funky Trunks is the Aussie label for guys to make a statement when the pants come down.

Where is Funkita swimwear made?

Melbourne, Australia
From Funkita HQ in Melbourne, Australia, we pack as much style and creativity into every piece of our swimwear, activewear, clothing and accessories as we can.

What is the name of the new Funky Trunks Funkita collection?

Mother Funky
After weeks of uncertainty, there is one thing we can be sure of this summer: a bright new swimwear and activewear collection from Funkita and Funky Trunks. The cheerful colours and sunny styles in Funkita’s new ‘Mother Funky’ collection will help put the ‘F’ back into fun and fitness after the mother-of-all lockdowns.

Is Funkita chlorine resistant?

ARE YOUR SWIMWEAR PRODUCTS CHLORINE RESISTANT? Yes, our swimwear range utilises our exclusive C-Infinity fabric which is constructed from a superior quality polyester. The fabric contains no elastane which is the component of elastane-based swimwear that breaks down in chlorinated water.

Where are Funkita swimwear made?

Who are Funky Trunks and what do they do?

Born and bred in Melbourne, Funky Trunks is the Aussie label for guys to make a statement when the pants come down. With crazy colours in comfy styles, spread across an extensive range of swimwear, underwear, beachwear and apparel, Funky Trunks is designed for serious performance without the serious attitude.

When did the history of trunks come out?

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Which is the first Funky Trunks performance suit?

In 2015, Funky Trunks released the first FINA-approved performance suit the APEX which was closely followed in 2016 by the APEX Stealth. Using body moulding technology on elite athletes and hours of testing under race pace conditions, the APEX was developed to provide the most streamline, form fitting performance suit on the market.

Is the history of trunks based on a manga?

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