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Who is the current head of service in Ogun State?

Who is the current head of service in Ogun State?

Principal Officers

Office Incumbent
Governor Dapo Abiodun
Deputy Governor Noimot Salako-Oyedele
Secretary to the State Government Mr. Tokunbo Talabi
Head of Service Alhaja Selimot Olapeju Ottun.

Who is the head of Ogun?

The current governor is Dapo Abiodun, a member of the All Progressives Congress, who heads the Executive Council of Ogun State.

Who is the First Lady of Ogun State?

Bamidele Abiodun
H.E, First Lady Of Ogun State, Mrs Bamidele Adiodun
Born 16 July 1966
Occupation businesswoman, Philanthropist
Spouse(s) Dapo Abiodun

Which local government is the largest in Ogun State?

List of Ogun State local government areas by area

Rank LGA Area km2
1 Ado-Odo/Ota 234,647
Egbado North
Egbado South
N/A Ewekoro N/A

How many local government do we have in Ogun State?

20 Local Government Areas
Map of Ogun State show the 20 Local Government Areas.

When was Ogun State created?

February 3, 1976
Ogun State/Founded

What is Ogun the god of?

Iron is an abundant element in nature and in West African and African diaspora religions Ogun (who is also known as Oggún, Ogoun, Ogum, Gu, or Ogou) is the god of iron, metal, and metal work. In his various manifestations, he is also a warrior and is associated with war, truth, and justice.

Who founded Ogun State?

Ogun State was created from the old Western State on February 3, 1976 by the then regime of General Murtala Mohammed. It has Abeokuta as it’s capital and largest city. Located in South Western Nigeria, Ogun State covers 16,762 square kilometres.

Who is Ogun?

OGUN: Warrior god of iron and war. He controls much of the material in the earth and represents primitive force and energy. He is known as Oggún in Cuba and Ogun Feraille in Haiti (“ferraille” means “iron”). The worship of Ogun may be traced back to Iron Age civilizations in Nigeria and adjacent countries.

Who is Abiodun?

Dapo Abiodun (born 29 May 1960) is a Nigerian businessman and politician, who is the Governor of Ogun State after winning the 2019 general elections under the platform of the All Progressive Congress. On 10 March 2019, he was declared Governor-Elect of Ogun State by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Which local government is the largest in Oyo State?


1 AFIJIO 134,173
2 AKINYELE 211,359
3 ATIBA 169,702
4 ATISBO 110,792

What is capital of Ogun State?

Abeokuta, town, capital of Ogun state, southwestern Nigeria. It is situated on the east bank of the Ogun River, around a group of rocky outcroppings that rise above the surrounding wooded savanna.