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Who did Giovanni Verrazano sail for?

Who did Giovanni Verrazano sail for?

Giovanni da Verrazzano, explorer (born in or near Florence circa 1485; died in the West Indies circa 1528). Verrazzano explored North America’s eastern coastline on behalf of France, while searching for a westward route to China.

Who is Giovanni da Verrazzano?

Giovanni da Verrazzano, Verrazzano also spelled Verrazano, (born 1485, Tuscany [Italy]—died 1528, Lesser Antilles), Italian navigator and explorer for France who was the first European to sight New York and Narragansett bays.

What was the name of Giovanni da Verrazzano ship?

La Dauphine
In 1523, Francis I agreed to provide Verrazzano with two ships to set sail and discover the westward passage to Asia. In January of 1524, Verrazzano set sail, his vessel being named La Dauphine (a term traditionally used to refer to the eldest son of the king – the individual immediately in line to the throne).

What did Giovanni da Verrazzano find?

Exploring the North Atlantic Coast of North America As Verrazzano explored the Atlantic coast of North America farther north, he discovered New York Harbor, Block Island, and Narragansett Bay. Because he often anchored far off shore, Verrazzano missed discovering the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.

Did Giovanni da Verrazzano find a passage to Asia?

Giovanni da Verrazzano’s discoveries are often forgotten in comparison to the accomplishments of other explorers. His exploration of the New York area was overshadowed by Henry Hudson almost a century later. And Verrazzano did not find the Northwest Passage to Asia.

When did Giovanni da Verrazzano start his voyage?

Who Was Giovanni da Verrazzano? Around 1506 or 1507, Giovanni da Verrazzano began pursuing a maritime career, and in the 1520s, he was sent by King Francis I of France to explore the East Coast of North America for a route to the Pacific. He made landfall near what would be Cape Fear, North Carolina, in early March and headed north to explore.

Why did Verrazzano want to explore the Northwest Passage?

By this time, the Portuguese had a dominance over much of the eastern sea routes to China. The Spanish were exploring and exploiting South America and the Caribbean. Verrazzano suggested to the king that he could find a more direct route to the Pacific by way of a Northwest Passage.

What kind of bridges did Giovanni da Verrazzano build?

Several bridges in North America bear the explorer’s name. Perhaps the most well-known of these is the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge which connects Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York. It was once the longest suspension bridge in the world, and commemorates the achievements of Giovanni da Verrazzano.

Where did Giovanni da Verrazzano land in North Carolina?

He landed near present day Cape Fear, North Carolina in March 1524. He was met and welcomed by Native Americans who offered him and his crew food.5 He explored further inland and recorded the lush vegetation and landscape of the area before continuing his journey.