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Which of the following parts of the vertebrae are most massive?

Which of the following parts of the vertebrae are most massive?

Lumbar Spine (Low Back) The five lumbar vertebrae, L1 to L5, are the most massive ones.

Which vertebrae has largest?

L5 has the largest body and transverse processes of all vertebrae. The anterior aspect of the body has a greater height compared to the posterior. This creates the lumbosacral angle between the lumbar region of the vertebrae and the sacrum.

Which type of vertebrae is the biggest in structure?

The lumbar vertebrae are the largest and thickest of the vertebrae and carry the largest load of the moveable vertebrae. The last lumbar vertebrae articulate with the sacrum below. The sacrum forms the base of the spine and is constructed from five fused vertebrae. At the very inferior tip of the sacrum is the coccyx.

Which vertebra is considered the strongest and most massive?

Lumbar Spine: In your low back, you have 5 vertebrae that are labeled L1 to L5 (the ‘L’ means lumbar). Some people have 6 lumbar vertebrae. These vertebrae are your largest and strongest vertebrae, responsible for carrying a lot of your body’s weight.

Which is the largest vertebrae in the human spine?

The next five vertebrae are the lumbar vertebrae, and these are the largest of the vertebrae. They produce a natural curvature to the spine and support the greatest weight of the vertebrae. They allow for flexion, extension, and side-bending. Chimpanzees only have three lumbar vertebrae.

What are the different parts of the vertebra?

Parts of Vertebrae. Vertebrae vary in their shape based upon the region of the body that they are found in, as well as what species they belong to. The main portion of the vertebra is the body, which is divided into two parts: the centrum and the posterior vertebral arch (also called the neural arch).

How many vertebrae are in the cervical column?

At the base of the skull, the vertebral column starts with the cervical vertebrae. There are seven of these, and they are numbered C1 through C7. C1 is also dubbed the atlas, while C2 is the axis; both of these have more unique shapes—due to how they support the skull—in comparison with the other vertebrae.

How are vertebrae important in the human body?

Vertebrae Function. Vertebrae are important structurally in vertebrates. They support the head and neck, allowing movements such as turning the neck. The vertebrae also provide attachment points for muscles and ligaments, allowing many of the motions that the body is able to go through, such as bending and twisting.