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Which country is Turda located?

Which country is Turda located?

Turda, city, Cluj judeƫ (county), west-central Romania, on the Arieş River.

Whats a Turda?

Turda (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈturda]; German: Thorenburg; Hungarian: Torda; Latin: Potaissa) is a city in Cluj County, Romania, situated on the Arieș River.

How deep is the water in Salina Turda?

The underground lake is between 0.5 and 8 metres (1.6 and 26.2 ft) deep and occupies about 80 percent of the operating room hearth area.

What is Salina Turda Romania?

Salina Turda, located in Turda, Romania, is home to an underground theme park that’s nestled inside one of the oldest salt mines in the world. Today, it has been transformed into an incredible underground theme park. The attraction includes everything from an amphitheater to a ferris wheel.

How do I get to Turda salt mine?

There is a car park on your left and across the road from that is a sign for Salina Turda with a right arrow pointing down a dead end street. The ‘old entrance’ to the mine is at the end. The whole walk is about 5 – 7 minutes.

Was Transylvania a country?

Transylvania is an area that is situated within the borders of Romania and spans an area of approximately 39,704 square miles. Although it may have a name that evokes images of fairytales, Transylvania is, in fact, a real place. It is not a country but a region of Romania.

What did Romania’s underground theme park used to be?

Some 400 feet below ground, in the bowels of a former salt mine is Salina Turda, an underground amusement park. The old mine, which dates from the 17th century, was once used as everything from a cheese cave to a World War II bomb shelter.

Is salt mined?

Salt is mined by the room and pillar method. It is removed in a checkerboard pattern to leave permanent, solid salt pillars for mine roof support. Usually 45 to 65 percent of the salt is removed.

How do you get to Cluj from Salina Turda?

You can take a taxi or a bus once in Turda. over a year ago. The best way to get from Cluj to Turda is taking a microbus or a regular bus from the bus station, but u better buy ticket the day before u want to go – this buses are really croweded.

When did Romania change sides in ww2?

August 23, 1944
On August 23, 1944, following the overthrow of dictator Marshal Ion Antonescu, Romania switched sides: Romanian troops fought alongside Soviet troops for the remainder of the war.

Why is glass not allowed in salt mines?

“Glass is soluble and it’s leachable-it’s what you would do if you wanted to maximize activity in the geologic environment,” Luth said. New findings are also being reported on the use of salt mines as repositories for radioactive waste. “Salt is not dry and it’s not okay.”