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Which are the best hurricane shutters?

Which are the best hurricane shutters?

6 Best Hurricane Shutters to Protect Your Home in 2020

  • Best Overall: Rolling Shutters.
  • Best Value: Fabric Storm Panels.
  • Best Quick Fix: Storm Panels.
  • Most Stylish: Colonial Shutters.
  • Most Versatile: Bermuda Shutters.
  • Best for Sliding Doors: Accordion Shutters.

How good are polycarbonate hurricane shutters?

Polycarbonate hurricane panels are very strong and, in some ways, easier to handle and install than plywood or metal. These storm panels have the added advantage of letting light through, which helps in the event of a power outage or when putting up shutters in advance of a storm.

What strength Hurricanes need shutters?

How much protection do storm shutters provide? Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew were instrumental in an industry-wide upgrade of the standards for storm shutters. Standard building codes require a product to withstand 110 MPH winds.

What are permanent storm shutters?

Permanent storm shutters are attached to the outside of your home’s windows and doors, so they can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Unlike roll down or accordion shutters, these two also serve a decorative purpose as well, hanging to the sides or over a home’s windows adding to its curb appeal.

How much do hurricane shutters save on insurance?

The shutters are the best protection and can potentially take 8% to 10% in savings off your insurance premiums. They start at about $1,500 for a house and cost about $3,500 for a 2,000-square-foot house, depending on the number of openings.

What is the average price for hurricane shutters?

Hurricane Shutters Prices by Type

Type Price Per Square Foot 24″ by 42″* Shutters + 1 Hour of Installation
Fabric Screen $5 – $15 $35 – $105
Clear Polycarbonate $10 – $15 $70 – $105
Storm Panel $10 – $20 $70 – $140
Accordion $15 – $30 $105 – $210

Are hurricane shutters worth the cost?

If you’ve established that your home would need protection from high winds and projectiles in the event of a storm, then hurricane shutters are likely worth the time and money to install on your house. Plywood will save you money, but if installed incorrectly, it can be torn from the home to become a projectile itself.

How much do hurricane shutters cost per window?

Storm panel hurricane shutters cost $5 to $20 per square foot or $35 to $140 per window on average, depending on the material, components, and install labor. Storm shutter panels are temporary, attach by track or with bolts, and come in various materials: Steel – Strong and thin but very heavy.

When should I put up storm shutters?

According to the National Hurricane Center’s official recommendations, you should put up hurricane shutters whenever a hurricane watch is issued for your area. As you may or may not know, a hurricane watch is issued 48 hours before hurricane conditions are expected to begin.

What do you do if you don’t have hurricane shutters?

Some homes have shutters. Others have hurricane-impact windows. But what can you do if your home has neither? The answer is simple: Buy some plywood and board up your windows.

How much does it cost to install storm shutters?

Storm shutter panels cost $10 to $20 per square foot and $45 to $100 per hour to install.

Do adding hurricane shutters increase home value?

Increasing Resale Value Installing hurricane shutters can significantly increase the resale value of your property. Potential buyers recognize the investment and care taken to maintain safety and security.

Does plywood count as a real hurricane shutter?

No. Plywood has been used for years to protect homes, family, and possessions in the event of a hurricane. It is lightweight and inexpensive. However, there are some very real and specific problems with plywood shutters.

Are hurricane shutters a good idea?

If you live in an area that is at risk for hurricanes, impact hurricane windows are a good idea. They have many advantages for the homeowner, and one of them is no putting up or taking down shutters when a storm is imminent. They provide continuous protection all year round, with no work for the homeowner.

Is plywood a real hurricane shutter?

Is plywood a real hurricane shutter? In a short answer, NO. There are very real issues with using plywood to protect your home, family, and possessions. Plywood CAN be considered a “Code-Approved” hurricane protection product, but only when it’s installed with very specific hardware pieces and methods. It’s safe to say that 99% of homeowners using plywood are not following the “Code-Approved” methods of installation.

What are hurricane shutters used for?

but also add style and character.

  • preventing intruders from breaking into a home.
  • Provide shade. Some hurricane shutters offer protection from the sun and can help cool the home.