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Where is the dot on the 1936 Canadian penny?

Where is the dot on the 1936 Canadian penny?

They are distinguished from the millions of other 1936 pennies minted in the final year of King George V’s reign by the miniscule dot placed below the date on the “tails” side of the coin.

What is a 1936 no mint mark penny worth?

If found in pocket change, your 1936 Lincoln cent is worn. And while they are obsolete, 1936 wheat pennies really aren’t worth very much — perhaps 5 to 10 cents. In uncirculated condition, the 1936 penny value is quite a bit higher — about $5 and up.

How many 1936 Canadian pennies are there?

The Royal Canadian Mint reported striking 678,823 pieces, but only a tiny number are known today, and all the extent pieces are Specimen strikings, not circulation issues or business strikes; incidentally, while the 1936 Dot Cent and Dot Dime are exceedingly rare today, the 1936 Dot Quarters was released into …

How much is a 1936 penny worth today?

1936 Penny Value

1936 Lincoln Penny Value
Condition of Coin
1936 $0.04 $0.05
1936 D $0.04 $0.25
1936 S $0.04 $0.15

When was the last Canadian penny made?

May 4, 2012
On May 4, 2012, the last penny was struck at the Royal Canadian Mint operation in Winnipeg Manitoba, by the then federal Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty. The government the end of the penny really wouldn’t make a difference to consumers as prices would be rounded up and down to the nearest nickel or 5-cent sum.

What is the value of a 1936 Canadian penny?

The 1936 penny – which sold for about $253,000 – is famous in coin-collecting circles as one of only three such specimens known to have been produced. An ultra-rare Canadian penny has been sold at a U.S. coin auction for more than 25 million times its face value – about $253,000.

What Canadian coins are rare?

The rarest Canadian decimal coins are the 50-cent piece of 1921, the 5-cent piece of 1921, the dotted 1936 cent and 10-cent pieces, the 10-cent piece of 1889, the 50-cent piece of 1890 and the 10-cent piece of 1893, with a round-topped numeral 3.

What is the price of a Canadian penny?

In Canada, a penny is a coin worth one cent, or ​ 1⁄ 100 of a dollar.