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Where is Janet Vogel Rapp buried?

Where is Janet Vogel Rapp buried?

Janet Frances Vogel Rapp

Birth 10 Jun 1941 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 21 Feb 1980 (aged 38) Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial Saint Wendelin Roman Catholic Church Cemetery Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
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Are any of the Skyliners still living?

The Skyliners still perform at concerts and oldies shows, with original lead Jimmy Beaumont and a new lineup. Two of its original members have died, Janet Vogel in 1980 and Joe Verscharen in 2007.

What happened to Jimmy Beaumont?

Jimmy Beaumont, the golden-voiced singer of the Skyliners, died Saturday in his sleep at his home in McKeesport at age 76 after a career that lasted nearly 60 years. “He was just a phenomenal talent,” said Henry DeLuca, who promoted the Roots of Rock and Roll concerts that celebrated many a Skyliners anniversary.

Who are the original members of the Skyliners?

The Skyliners are an American doo-wop group from Pittsburgh. The original lineup was: Jimmy Beaumont (lead), Janet Vogel (soprano), Wally Lester (tenor), Jackie Taylor (bass voice, guitarist), Joe Verscharen (baritone). The Skyliners were best known for their 1959 hit, “Since I Don’t Have You”.

Did Kerry Rapp commit suicide?

She committed suicide on Feb. 21, 1980, after years of depression, drug abuse and marital strife. A new film, “Since I Don’t Have You,” tells the sad tale of one of the first female rock stars and her deterioration under the pressures of stardom and motherhood.

When was since I don’t have you by the Skyliners released?

Since I Don’t Have You/Released

Who recorded since I don’t have you?

Guns N’ Roses
Since I Don’t Have You/Artists

Who wrote this I swear by the Skyliners?

Jimmy Beaumont
Wally LesterJanet Vogel RappJoe VerscharenJack Taylor
This I Swear/Composers

What killed Jimmy Beaumont?

October 7, 2017
Jimmy Beaumont/Date of death

What year was since I don’t have you released?


What year did the Skyliners sing since I don’t have you?

When was Janet Vogel married to Terrence Rapp?

Janet Vogel was born on June 10, 1941 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. She was married to Terrence Rapp. She died on February 21, 1980 in Pittsburgh. See full bio »

Who are the members of Janet Vogel Rapp?

Janet’s contibutions to the group are pricless, especially her beautiful high notes at the end of “Since I Don’t Have You”. Janet was survived by her husband; Terrence Rapp, Sons; Gavin and Kip, a daughter; Marlo, her parents; Mr and Mrs Jerome Vogel and her sister; Dee Dee (Diane). She died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Where did Janet Vogel and Kerry Rapp live?

Settling down to civilian life Janet married Pittsburgh police office Kerry Rapp and had three children Gavin, Marlo and Kip. The Rapp family lived in Bethal Park and Brentwood.

What was the name of Janet Vogel’s husband?

Janet and her husband Kerry Rapp clashed over her career. Janet was emotionally fragile and may have suffered from bipolar disorder. She sunk into a deep depression that worsened over the years and was deeply in despair. On February 21, 1980 Janet was to receive an award recognizing her achievements with the Skyliners.