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Where do Shaytards live now?

Where do Shaytards live now?

They live in Idaho now closer to the ski resort they own.

Are Shay Carl and Colette still married?

Shay Carl Butler (born March 5, 1980), known professionally as Shay Carl, is an American YouTube personality….

Shay Carl
Years active 2007–present
Spouse(s) Colette Crofts ​ ( m. 2003)​
Children 5
YouTube information

Why are Shaytards called that?

In addition to his own channel, his family makes up the extremely popular YouTube channel, ShayTards. Named after his love for uni-tards, Shay, his wife, and their wonderful family create a new video blog every day, allowing viewers to share in the adventures and misadventures of their family life.

What is the Shaytards address?

2950 Michelle St, Pocatello, ID – Mommytard, Shaytards Public Records.

What happened with Shay and Colette?

Recently, the Shaytards vlogger posted a message to Twitter stating that his wife, Colette Butler, kicked him out of their home after drinking. Shay, an admitted alcoholic, later deleted the tweet and explained his actions to fans.

How old is Shay Carl?

41 years (March 5, 1980)
Shay Carl/Age

What happened with Shay Carl?

The scandal involved Shay: he was alleged to have sent adult webcam performer Aria Nna explicit messages and videos of himself masturbating. Nine months later in November last year, he then posted a YouTube video from his own page in which he apologised for his actions.

How old is Avia from Shaytards?

Avia Butler was born on 4 May 2005. Avia Butler is 16 years old.

Did Shay sell his house?

We’re not completely surprised she’s decided to sell the property, considering she was busy taking a sledgehammer to a wall on her own during her introductory scene on the show.

How old is daxton from Shaytards?

Daxton Charles Butler (born; October 25, 2013), known by fans as BroTard is the fifth and youngest child of Shay Butler and Colette Butler. He was born after his parents decided to induce labor. Daxton has four older siblings: Gavin, Avia, Emmi, and Brock.

How old is Avia Butler?

16 years (May 4, 2005)
Avia Butler/Age

Can Avia Butler Drive?

Avia also shared on Tik Tok she’s still not legally allowed to drive her Equinox on her own, having failed her behind-the-wheel test twice. Idaho, where the Shaytards live, allows teens as young as fifteen to get their permits and provisional licenses.

When did the first Shaytards skit come out?

SHAYTARDS BEGIN! SHAYTARDS YouTube channel was created on October 1, 2008, and was created by shaycarl to upload his skits and any other videos that he wanted to upload. The first video was uploaded to the channel a day after the channel creation. They have decided to take a break from vlogging on Feb 10, 2017.

Where does SHAYTARDS live in the United States?

Shay and his family lived in Los Angeles, California for the bulk of the first year of the vlogs, but moved back to their home in Idaho for the birth of Rocktard, and moved back to LA again and back to Idaho in 2014. The SHAYTARDS channel has recently hit 4 million subscribers and doesn’t appear to slow down anytime soon.

Is it worth recording Your Life on Shaytards?

SHAYTARDS – YouTube If life’s worth living then it’s worth recording!!! If life’s worth living then it’s worth recording!!!

How old are the kids in SHAYTARDS wikitubia?

Shay came up with “tard” because of his obsession with unitards. The oldest child is Sontard (Gavin), who is thirteen, eleven year old Princesstard (Avia), nine year old Babytard (Emmi; was recently featured on the cover of James Blunt’s photo album “Some Kind of Trouble”), six year old, Rocktard (Brock) , and three year old Brotard (Daxton).