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When was New Helvetia built?

When was New Helvetia built?

The buildings were designed by a coalition of Sacramento’s Master architects—Charles Dean, Leonard Starks, Ed Flanders, and Harry Devine, Sr. —working together as a Board of Architects. It is the only project on which they collaborated. Construction was completed in 1942.

Who established the colony of New Helvetia in 1839?

Captain John August Sutter from Switzerland emigrated to California and bought a large area of no man’s land in the valley of today’s Sacramento in 1839. He called his colony “Nueva Helvetia “(the latin name of New Switzerland) and built his Fort on his purchased land.

Where was the New Helvetia located in California?

New Helvetia. New Helvetia ( Spanish: Nueva Helvetia ), meaning “New Switzerland”, was a 19th-century Alta California settlement and rancho, centered in present-day Sacramento, California.

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How did the New Helvetia colony get its name?

Colony of Nueva Helvetia. In English the name means “New Switzerland”, after Sutter’s home country. The design was influenced by Fort Vancouver, the principal trading station of the Columbia Department, operated by the Hudson’s Bay Company, which Sutter visited in 1838 before entering Alta California.