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When did Christmas cards first start?

When did Christmas cards first start?

Our founding director, Henry Cole, sent the first Christmas card in 1843. We now hold the national collection of cards for all occasions, with over 30,000 examples, more than half of which celebrate Christmas.

What country was the first to use Christmas cards?

The first Christmas card, as the term is now understood, is believed to have been designed in England in 1843 by John Callcott Horsley. An edition of 1,000 hand-coloured copies was placed on sale in London.

Who Invented Christmas cards and when?

Reproduction of the first Christmas card

Full title: Reproduction of the Christmas card designed by John Callcott Horsley, sent to Henry Cole
Created: 1843 (reprinted c.1945)
Format: Card, Ephemera
Creator: John Callcott Horsley
Copyright: Victoria and Albert Museum

How did the tradition of Christmas cards start?

The custom of sending Christmas cards was started in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole. Sir Henry had the idea of Christmas Cards with his friend John Horsley, who was an artist. They designed the first card and sold them for 1 shilling each.

Are Christmas cards an American thing?

Christmas Cards appeared in the United States of America in the late 1840s, but were very expensive and most people couldn’t afford them. It 1875, Louis Prang, a printer who was originally from German but who had also worked on early cards in the UK, started mass producing cards so more people could afford to buy them.

Is it OK not to send Christmas cards?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the etiquette of sending Christmas cards. Because of it, most people send more cards than they need to. It’s fine to send a card to anyone. However, cards were invented to send your greetings and best wishes to people you won’t see in person this holiday season.

Does anyone still send Christmas cards?

You may enjoy the holiday tradition of preparing, addressing, and mailing out Christmas cards to family and friends. Even with fewer people sending snail mail, the Christmas card tradition is still holding on.

When did the first Homemade Christmas card appear?

Homemade cards made with foil and ribbon grew in popularity on both sides of the pond in the 1910s and early 1920s, but were o ften too delicate to be mailed, writes Why Christmas.

Where does the history of greeting cards come from?

The History of Greeting Cards. The history of greeting cards from their early Chinese and Egyptian origins to Europe and the U.S. The history of greeting cards dates back to the ancient Chinese who exchanged messages of goodwill to celebrate a New Year, and to early Egyptians who used papyrus scrolls to send greetings.

Why was a Christmas card sent in the 19th century?

A 19th-century American Christmas card. A Christmas card is a greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of Christmas in order to convey between people a range of sentiments related to Christmastide and the holiday season.

How many Christmas cards were printed in the UK?

Two batches totaling 2,050 cards were printed and sold that year for a shilling each. Early British cards rarely showed winter or religious themes, instead favoring flowers, fairies and other fanciful designs that reminded the recipient of the approach of spring.