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What was the rally in among the hidden?

What was the rally in among the hidden?

Jen not only introduces Luke to the life of a fancy-pants Baron, i.e. elite (fun-filled with chips and soda and using the internet, which sounds just like our everyday life!) but she also lets him in on her secret plans of a rally to overturn the Population Law that makes third children illegal.

Does Luke go to the rally in among the hidden?

Luke hems and haws and finally tells her, a few days before the rally, that he doesn’t want to go. They fight, but Jen still sneak into the Garners’ house before she leaves to say goodbye to Luke. After hearing nothing about the rally on the news, Luke goes over to Jen’s house to look for her.

What country does among the hidden take place?

Among the Hidden

Third edition cover
Author Margaret Peterson Haddix
Country United States of Americ
Series Shadow Children
Subject Dystopian/Science Fiction

What page in among the hidden does Jen die?

Chapter 27
Among the Hidden Chapter 27.

How old are Luke’s brothers in among the hidden?

Mark Garner- This is Luke’s fourteen year-old brother.

What happens at the rally in among the hidden?

Jen is one of the third children in the book Among the Hidden and she is very rebellious and starts a rally to make it so that all third children can be free of living in the shadows and in the process when she goes she ends up being killed by the population police and the rally doesn’t work. hope this helped.

Where does the book among the hidden take place?

Among the Hidden was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Where does the book among the hidden take place and why? Among the hidden takes place in the future. In the book there is a rally at the white house so I suppose that the location is around there. Climax of among the hidden?

What happens at the end of among the hidden?

Luke is unsure what to do, but Jen’s father stresses that he needs to decide now, since Jen’s father could be taken from power or even killed. Luke doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life hiding, but he realizes that if he takes the fake ID, he could do something to help third children like himself.

How is parallelism used in among the Hidden Chapters?

Luke rides in the car and sees more of the world than he has ever seen before. He thinks of Jen and becomes even more determined to help the other Shadow Children in her memory. Then he looks into his new life as the Baron child Lee Grant. In an example of parallelism, Jen sneaks into Luke’s house to say goodbye to him.