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What was the movie Wait Until Dark about?

What was the movie Wait Until Dark about?

After a flight back home, Sam Hendrix (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) returns with a doll he innocently acquired along the way. As it turns out, the doll is actually stuffed with heroin, and a group of criminals led by the ruthless Roat (Alan Arkin) has followed Hendrix back to his place to retrieve it. When Hendrix leaves for business, the crooks make their move — and find his blind wife, Susy (Audrey Hepburn), alone in the apartment. Soon, a life-threatening game begins between Susy and the thugs.
Wait Until Dark/Film synopsis

How long is Wait Until Dark movie?

1h 48m
Wait Until Dark/Running time

Who was the bad guy in Wait Until Dark?

Harry Roat, Jr. Harry Roat, Jr. (also known as Harry Roat, Sr.) is the main antagonist of the 1967 suspense film, Wait Until Dark. He was portrayed by Alan Arkin.

Is Wait Until Dark black and white?

Wait Until Dark 1967. ★★★★★ While the film was originally intended to be shown in color, I found that watching it in black and white delivers a far more atmospheric experience than it originally would be.

Is Wait Until Dark OK for kids?

Inappropriate material: The crooks are after some smuggled heroin, it seems, and they’re not afraid to use violence to get it. After awhile, the bodies begin to pile up. Why kids will like it: This is a smart, scary little thriller with at least one moment at the end that still makes an audience jump.

Is Wait Until Dark Scary?

Director Terence Young focused on shocks and suspense rather than story and characters, and the result reportedly had terrified audiences jumping out of their seats. The film has aged well; its expert pacing and fearful setting make it extremely scary.

Who was Lisa in Wait Until Dark?

Samantha Jones
Wait Until Dark (1967) – Samantha Jones as Lisa – IMDb.

What happens at the end of Wait Until Dark?

Susy finally agrees to give him the doll but throws a chemical at Roat’s face and unplugs the safelight as the apartment is plunged into darkness. Roat uses matches to see, but Susy douses him with gasoline, forcing him to put out the match.

Does Netflix have wait until dark?

Watch Wait Until Dark on Netflix Today!

Who killed Lisa in Wait Until Dark?

Another thug (Richard Crenna) finds the traitorous Lisa hanging in the closet, killed by her handler.

Is Wait Until Dark on prime?

Watch Wait Until Dark (1967) | Prime Video.

Where does wait until dark take place?

Greenwich Village

Wait Until Dark
Place premiered Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City
Original language English
Genre Thriller
Setting A basement apartment in Greenwich Village.

Who is the director of Wait Until Dark?

Wait Until Dark is a 1967 American psychological thriller film directed by Terence Young and produced by Mel Ferrer, from a screenplay by Robert Carrington and Jane-Howard Carrington, based on the 1966 play of the same name by Frederick Knott.

Where did the play Wait Until Dark take place?

A basement apartment in Greenwich Village. Wait Until Dark is a play by Frederick Knott, first performed on Broadway in 1966 and often revived since then. A film version was released in 1967, and the play was published in the same year.

When did wait until dark open on Broadway?

Produced by Fred Coe and directed by Arthur Penn, the Broadway premiere of Wait Until Dark opened on February 2, 1966, at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. Within the next eleven months, it transferred to the Shubert, the George Abbott and the Music Box Theatres before it ended its run of 373 performances.

What did Roger Ebert think of the movie Wait Until Dark?

Roger Ebert gave the movie three and a half stars and wrote “Miss Hepburn is perhaps too simple and trusting, and Alan Arkin (as a sadistic killer) is not particularly convincing in an exaggerated performance.