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What was the life expectancy of ancient Egyptians?

What was the life expectancy of ancient Egyptians?

We go all the way back to 4000BC and the days of the Pharaohs of Egypt. According to Papyrus records and mummified remains recovered from ancient sites across Egypt, it’s thought that the average lifespan for Egyptian men was 40 to 45 and for women between 30 and 35.

At what age did most Egyptians die?

Most ancient Egyptians were unlikely to live beyond 40 years of age and, for example, King Tutankhamun died at the age of about 18 years. This can be compared to today’s life expectancy of 83 years for women and 79 years for men in the UK.

What did most Egyptians die of?

The studies, along with previous research, indicate that many of the mummified corpses of the Egyptian pharaohs died as a result of microbial diseases ranging from tuberculosis [2] to caries [3]; and from malaria to pathogenic fungi.

How old was the average person in ancient Egypt?

Old age in ancient Egypt. By Ann E M Liljas, on 2 March 2015. People in ancient Egypt did not grow very old. Very high infant death rates due to high risks of infections resulted in an average age at death of 19 years. However those who survived childhood had a life expectancy of 30 years for women* and 34 years for men.

What was the infant mortality rate in ancient Egypt?

Infant mortality is when a child dies that is under the age of 1 and these rates in Ancient Egypt were higher than that of any other age, almost one third of all deaths were infants (other than dying of old age).

How old is the average person at death?

These show the average age at death was 54 years for men and 58 for women. Today, when a new household is begun, by either marriage, co-partnership, or simply an adult child moving out and starting fresh, it is not always the case that the now aged parents remain as part of the household.

What was the average age at death in ancient Greece?

It is not until the P tolemaic Period that dates of birth, dates of marriage, and dates of death and sometimes burial, are added. These show the average age at death was 54 years for men and 58 for women.