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What was the geography of the Massachusetts Colony?

What was the geography of the Massachusetts Colony?

The Massachusetts Colony’s landscape included treed mountains, lots of hills, rocky soil and lots of rivers. Massachusetts’s coast is jagged. The climate in the Massachusetts Colony included long, cold winters and mild summers.

What did the Massachusetts Bay Colony consist of?

Upon landing, he rejected Salem as the center of his new colony and chose another site, which he named Boston; this was the beginning of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, a charter colony (meaning it was granted the right to exist and form its own government by a legal charter from the English crown) comprised of the …

Where was the Massachusetts Bay Colony located?

New England
Massachusetts Bay Colony included parts of New England, centered around Boston and Salem. The Colony included parts of present-day Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

How did the Massachusetts Bay Colony make a living?

The Massachusetts Bay Colony primarily made money through shipbuilding, fishing, fur, and lumber production.

What religion was Massachusetts Bay Colony?

Answer. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by the Puritans, a religious minority group who migrated to the New World seeking to create a model religious community. The Puritans believed that the Anglican Church needed to be purified of the influences of Catholicism .

What made the Massachusetts Bay Colony successful?

Those three characteristics really helped the Massachusetts Bay Colony to be successful right away. Puritans fished, cut timber for ships, and trapped furs. These were three things that were going to help them have new supplies. They would fish, that would give them more food. They would cut timber for ships.

Why was the colony of Massachusetts Bay established?

John Winthrop founded and was in charge of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. He founded Massachusetts because the Puritans wanted religious freedom from England. They brought a royal charter with them. This charter allowed them to set up a government in the small colony.

What are facts about Massachusetts colony?

Massachusetts Bay Colony Facts: The Beginning. Massachusetts was established by the Puritans in 1629. The Puritans wanted to purify the church of England, however, after years of persecution, they opted to found a new colony and start fresh. The Puritans were much different from the Pilgrims .