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What was one thing the government could not do under the articles?

What was one thing the government could not do under the articles?

The national government could not tax citizens directly, only request money from the states. The states rarely contributed money, meaning the national government could not pay its debts or fund initiatives. The national government could not regulate international or interstate trade.

What powers did the Congress have under the Articles of Confederation?

Congress claimed the following powers: to make war and peace; conduct foreign affairs; request men and money from the states; coin and borrow money; regulate Indian affairs; and settle disputes among the states.

What did the US government not do in the Articles of Confederation?

The government could not prevent foreign countries from hurting American competitors by shipping inexpensive products to the United States. It could not prevent states from passing laws that interfered with domestic trade. The national government could not raise an army.

How did Congress raise money under the Articles of Confederation?

Under the Articles, the states, not Congress, had the power to tax. Congress could raise money only by asking the states for funds, borrowing from foreign governments, or selling western lands. In addition, Congress could not draft soldiers or regulate trade.

Why was judiciaries important to the Articles of Confederation?

Judiciaries are important enforcers of national government power. The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, already recognized by many, became apparent to all as a result of an uprising of Massachusetts farmers, led by Daniel Shays.

How did the Articles of Confederation help the colonies?

Describe the crises resulting from key features of the Articles of Confederation Waging a successful war against Great Britain required that the individual colonies, now sovereign states that often distrusted one another, form a unified nation with a central government capable of directing the country’s defense.