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What type of region is the Arctic?

What type of region is the Arctic?

The Arctic (/ˈɑːrtɪk/ or /ˈɑːrktɪk/) is a polar region located at the northernmost part of Earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean, adjacent seas, and parts of Alaska (United States), Canada, Finland, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.

What does the Arctic region include?

Most scientists define the Arctic as the area within the Arctic Circle, a line of latitude about 66.5° north of the Equator. Within this circle are the Arctic ocean basin and the northern parts of Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, Greenland, and the U.S. state of Alaska.

What does the phrase Arctic region mean?

Arctic, northernmost region of the Earth, centred on the North Pole and characterized by distinctively polar conditions of climate, plant and animal life, and other physical features. The term is derived from the Greek arktos (“bear”), referring to the northern constellation of the Bear.

What makes the Arctic region unique?

The Arctic is the most unusual region on our planet and it is not surprising that it is called enigmatic and mysterious, because this region is hiding many miracles. The Arctic has a unique nature – the giant expanses of ice and snow, huge icebergs of the most incredible and bizarre forms, drifting in the arctic seas.

How big is the Northwest region of Alaska?

Northwest & Arctic Region. The Northwest & Arctic of Alaska is one of Alaska’s most diverse regions ranging from coastal plains to mountain ranges; the land is vast, but the population small at just over 10,000 residents. Much like the varied land, the northern reaches of the state experience some of the largest seasonal changes in sunlight.

What makes the northwest and Arctic of Alaska unique?

Northwest and Arctic Alaska would appear close to the center of the world you drew. It lies along the shortest, although least used, route between Europe and Asia. This makes Northwest and Arctic unique among Alaska’s regions. This farthest north of Alaska’s regions shares a common boundary with only one other part of Alaska, the remote Interior.

Where are the Arctic regions located in Canada?

Many people think that the Arctic Region is only Nunavut, the Yukon and Northwest Territories when really, the Arctic is everything that is north of the 60 N parallel (latitude) . There are many different natural resources in the Arctic region of Canada.

Where is the Arctic Circle in northwest Alaska?

The 2.15 million acre Selawik National Wildlife Refuge is situated on the Arctic Circle to the east of Kotzebue Sound, and occupies a unique variety of landforms in northwest Alaska. Refuge lands extend eastward to the headwaters of the Selawik River and the continental divide.