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What teams did Jermaine Pennant play for?

What teams did Jermaine Pennant play for?

Billericay Town F.C.Midfielder
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Is Alice Goodwin still married to Jermaine Pennant?

Jermaine Pennant Alice Goodwin split Jermaine Pennant wife announced her divorce from the Celebrity Big Brother star on 6 March 2020. She made the announcement on Instagram: Hi guys, before any speculation starts I’d like to let people know that Jermaine and I are no longer in a relationship.

How old is Jermaine Pennant?

38 years (January 15, 1983)
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Where is Jermaine Pennant from?

The Meadows, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Jermaine Pennant/Place of birth

Why did Pennant go to jail?

Pennant spent 30 days in prison for drink-driving in 2005 while on loan at Birmingham from Arsenal, returning to action against Tottenham wearing an electronic tag. Steve Bruce signed Pennant for Birmingham on a permanent deal for £3m after his release from prison.

Is Jermaine Pennant illiterate?

Jermaine Pennant probably didn’t want the world to know that, although he might possess magical techniques on a football pitch, he has trouble reading and writing. In fact, he has come from a background which sounds depressingly familiar.

What happened Jermaine Pennant?

Pennant pleaded guilty to drink-driving and driving while disqualified, and was sentenced to 90 days in prison on 1 March. He was released on parole after 30 days and immediately returned to playing for Birmingham City, although he had to wear an electronic tag at all times, including while on the pitch.

Did Jermaine and Alice have a baby?

I will always love Alice, but we ‘ve decided to head our separate ways. “There is no drama and we will always remain close friends.” Before coupling up with Alice, Jermaine was engaged to model Laura Murphy. He popped the question in 2010 and the same year the pair welcomed a son together called Trey.

Did Jermaine Pennant cheat?

Jermaine Pennant has split from his wife Alice Goodwin six months after he was caught cheating with Chloe Ayling on national TV. Mirror Online can reveal the former footballer, 36, and his partner – who married in 2014 – are believed to have separated after Christmas.

What does pennant mean?

1a : any of various nautical flags tapering usually to a point or swallowtail and used for identification or signaling. b : a flag or banner longer in the fly than in the hoist especially : one that tapers to a point.

Does Jermaine Pennant have a child?

In May 2010, Pennant became engaged to Lara Murphy. and they have a son named Trey who was born in August 2010. The relationship with Murphy ended when his son was one year old, when Pennant left her for glamour model Alice Goodwin. He married Goodwin in May 2014.

What is a bullish pennant?

A bullish pennant is a technical trading pattern that indicates the impending continuation of a strong upward price move. They’re formed when a market makes an extensive move higher, then pauses and consolidates between converging support and resistance lines.

When did Jermaine Pennant make his debut for Liverpool?

After impressing in pre-season, Pennant made his Liverpool debut against Maccabi Haifa in a UEFA Champions League third round qualifying match at Anfield, where he went on to win the fans’ Star Man award. On 20 January 2007, he scored his first goal for Liverpool in their 2–0 home victory over Chelsea in the Premier League.

How many goals has Jermaine Pennant scored for Arsenal?

Pennant has made over 300 appearances for 15 clubs, and has scored 24 goals to date. Born in Nottingham, Pennant played for his local side Notts County as a teenager. He earned promising reviews in the youth team at County and Arsenal signed him in 1999.

When did Jermaine Pennant sign for Birmingham City?

Pennant signed a permanent contract with Birmingham on 25 April 2005 for a fee of £3 million. He again struggled with discipline problems in 2005–06 as the club battled against relegation. Ultimately, Birmingham were relegated to the Championship after they drew 0–0 with Newcastle United.

What was Jermaine Pennant’s favourite toy as a child?

Pennant recalls how as a child his favourite toy was a football and how it rarely left his side. Pennant, who grew up in a crime- and drug-infested neighbourhood, credits football for saving him from a life of crime. When he was 14, he moved away from home and was living with YTS players who were 16, 17 and 18.