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What is unique about the sun bear compared to other bears?

What is unique about the sun bear compared to other bears?

Description: The sun bear, which is the smallest of the living bear species, can be identified by its short, sleek coat and light-colored muzzle. It also has a cream-colored, crescent-shaped chest blaze similar to that of the Asiatic black bear. Thus the two species are commonly called moon bears and sun bears.

Is the sun bear rare?

Sun Bear | WWF. Also known as the honey bear for its love of honey, the Sun Bear is the smallest, least well-known and one of the rarest of all the bear species.

How fast is a sun bear?

30 miles per hour
A Sun Bear can travel at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

Is a sun bear real?

Found from southern China to eastern India and as far south as Indonesia, sun bears, also called Malayan sun bears, take their name from the bib-shaped golden or white patch on their chest, which legend says represents the rising sun. Sun bears grow to only about half the size of an American black bear.

What are the characteristics of a sun bear?

Characteristics. The sun bear’s teeth are very large, especially canines, and high bite forces in relation to its body size, which are not well understood, but could be related to its frequent opening of tropical hardwood trees (with its powerful jaws and claws) in pursuit of insects, larvae, or honey.

What kind of habitat does the sun bear live in?

The sun bear can be found in tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It is the smallest species of bear, with a length of up to 5 feet and weighing up to 150 pounds. This small size facilitates their arboreal lifestyle of moving about amongst the trees.

Is it legal to have a sun bear as a pet?

Though some people farm them for bear bile, humans have not domesticated sun bears in any way. No, sun bears do not make good pets. Even though they are small, they still have long, sharp teeth that can easily injure a human. It is also illegal to own a sun bear as a pet.

How big is the tongue of a sun bear?

With lengthy tongues of up to 25cm, they are experts at extracting honey from bee nests. They are arboreal, with their small size and long, curved claws helping them move from tree to tree. Sun bears also one of the most vulnerable bear species, under threat from habitat destruction and poaching in their native range.