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What is the Zelda logo called?

What is the Zelda logo called?

The Triforce
The Triforce is a common symbol found in various Zelda titles.

What is Zelda crest?

The Hylian Crest is a recurring symbol in The Legend of Zelda series. The Hylian Crest is commonly used on Hylian weapons, armour, and architecture; most notably it appears on the Hylian Shield, where it represents the Crimson Loftwing that was ridden by the hero during the Sky Era.

What is the Triforce with wings called?

The Royal Crest,(Series) also known as the Wingcrest,(Series) is a common depiction of the Triforce above a Loftwing.

What is the bird on the Hylian Shield?

The Hylian Shield features the Triforce, an arrangement of three triangles along with the Hylian Crest showing a Crimson Loftwing, a type of bird from the series. It’s iconic. It’s one of Link’s constant companions.

Why is there a cross on Link’s shield?

The Legend of Zelda The Book of Magic resembles a stereotypical depiction of the holy book of Christianity, the Bible, as it has a cross on its cover. This is because the Japanese version of the game actually called the item the Bible.

Is link an elf?

Link is a Hylian. Hylians are not related to elves in any way, because elves are not in any Zelda game.

Is Link an elf?

Is Link a Hylian?

He is one of Nintendo’s main icons. Through The Legend of Zelda series, Link is depicted as a child, teenager, or young adult of the Hylian race (described as humans with pointy ears) originating from the fictional land of Hyrule.

Are the Sheikah Hylians?

The Sheikah are a humanoid race, bearing great resemblance to Hylians in both appearance and magical capacity. The Sheikah, however, are known for their distinctive red eyes and pointed ears, which they share the latter with the Hylians.

What is Link’s last name?

Link Link
Among them was a simple inquiry regarding Link’s last name. According to Miyamoto, it’s “Link.” Yes, the hero of time’s official full name is Link Link.

Why does Link not speak?

According to Zelda, Link does not talk because with so much at stake, and so many eyes on him, he feels it necessary to stay strong and silently bear any burden.

Is Link a hylian or kokiri?

link is none other than a hylian. he was thought to be a kokiri in the beginning, but thats before you find out that he was a hylian and his mother dropped him off with the great deku tree for protection during the war.