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What is the synonym of checkout?

What is the synonym of checkout?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for check out, like: examine, checkout, look-through, suss-out, keep-an-eye-on, feel out, check, pay one’s bill, inspect, verify and leave.

What is the antonym of check out?

What is the opposite of check out?

ignore neglect
exclude preclude
dismiss dispense with
rule out unmind
brush aside unheed

Do check it out meaning?

—used to direct someone’s attention to something Check it out—they’ve got that new book in stock.

What does it mean to suss something out?

1 : to find or discover (something) by thinking They had to suss out whether he was telling the truth. I’m trying to suss him out. What kind of person is he? I think I’ve got him sussed out. 2 : to inspect or investigate (something) in order to gain more knowledge He carefully sussed out the situation.

What’s the meaning of recce?

recces. DEFINITIONS1. a look around a place, especially to see if it is suitable or to get information about an enemy. Recce is short for reconnaissance.

Is check out one word?

From a grammar perspective Writing Explained has a solid explanation: Check out is a verb phrase that means to sign for something or to observe something. Checkout means a place to buy things or the process of leaving a hotel as a noun, and it describes qualities of these things as an adjective.

Can I say check it out?

There is no problem in saying ‘check this out’. Unless the thing one is referring to, is wrong to refer to that way, like ‘a person’. However, formally you could use words like: “examine, go through, assess, weigh up, analyse, evaluate”.

Do Americans say Suss?

But “sus” as an abbreviation for suspicious would go on to be popularized in the U.S. by Black Americans on the internet.

Do a Reccy or recce?

Reconnaissance. Reccyverb. To investigate with a reconnaissance trip. Recceadjective. Relating to reconnaissance.

What is recce give example?

If you recce an area, you visit that place in order to become familiar with it. People usually recce an area when they are going to return at a later time to do something there. Uncle Jim took the air rifle and went on a recce to the far end of the quarry.

What does it mean to check out someone?

If you check out something or someone, you find out information about them to make sure that everything is correct or satisfactory.