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What is the quotient of two nonzero integers?

What is the quotient of two nonzero integers?

rational number
The quotient of any integers (with a nonzero divisor) will be a rational number.

Will the product of two integers will have the same sign as the quotient of the two integers?

Division and multiplication are opposite, or inverse, operations. Therefore, the rules for dividing integers are the same as multiplying integers. The quotient of two numbers with the same signs is always positive.

Why is the quotient of two integers with different signs negative?

TO DIVIDE TWO NUMBERS WITH THE SAME SIGN, divide the absolute values of the numbers. TO DIVIDE TWO NUMBERS WITH THE DIFFERENT SIGNS, divide the absolute values of the numbers. The quotient is negative.

How do we know if a product or quotient of two integers will be positive or negative?

There are two simple rules to remember: When you multiply a negative number by a positive number then the product is always negative. When you multiply two negative numbers or two positive numbers then the product is always positive.

What is the quotient of two integers is zero?

If the quotient of this division negative, then the two numbers must have different signs. The one is positive and the other is negative. If the quotient of this division is equal to zero then the dividend(the numerator of the fraction) has to be zero.

Can a nonzero number divide 0?

Can You Divide a Number by Zero? Ans: Dividing any number by zero does not make sense, because in maths, dividing by zero can be interpreted as multiplying by zero. There’s no number that you can multiply by zero to get a non-zero number. There’s no solution, so any non-zero number divided by 0 is undefined.

What property is A +(- A )= 0?

The inverse property of addition states that the sum of any real number and its additive inverse (opposite) is zero. If @$a@$ is a real number, then @$a+(-a)=0@$.

What is the greatest negative integer?

The greatest negative integer is -1.

Is 9 positive or negative?

The number 9 is positive while −3 is negative.

What is the quotient symbol?

The number of times of subtraction is equal to the quotient. The division is denoted by a mathematical symbol(÷) which consists of a short horizontal line with a dot each above and below the line. The quotient is the final answer of this division process.

What are the 4 operations of integers?

You can perform four basic math operations on the integers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Addition of integers using the number line, remember that negative integers move you to the left on the number line and positive integers move to the right on the number line .

What are the four rules of integers?

What are the Four Rules for Multiplying Integers?

  • Rule 1: Positive × Positive = Positive.
  • Rule 2: Positive × Negative = Negative.
  • Rule 3: Negative × Positive = Negative.
  • Rule 4: Negative × Negative = Positive.