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What is the quickest Renault Clio?

What is the quickest Renault Clio?

Not only is the RS16 the speediest Clio to hit the roads, but it is the fastest car Renault have ever produced. The engine, taken from the Megane 275 Trophy R, generates a massive 271bhp and 265lb. ft of torque.

How fast is a Renault Clio Sport?

The standard Renaultsport Clio uses a hefty twin-clutch gearbox, which means the new drivetrain is actually no heavier overall. The R.S. 16 runs a lightweight Akrapovic exhaust system. Expect a 0-62mph time in the low sixes and a 155mph top speed.

What is the fastest Renault?

The fastest-ever Renault Megane has been announced. The limited-edition Megane Renaultsport 275 Trophy-R has been made lighter and features sports suspension and performance-orientated tyres. The model is aimed at people who take their cars to the race track.

Is Renault Clio Turbo?

It might be small, but the 1.2-litre turbocharged engine in this Clio packs some power. No maker is embracing turbo technology more than Renault. It already has some great boosted engines in its range – including the 1.4 TCe in the Scenic and Grand Scenic, and the potent 2.0 TCe in the Mégane Coupé.

How many Clio 172 are left?

2021 2018

What size engine has a Renault Clio?

The entry-level Clio engine is pretty basic – a 1.0-litre three-cylinder with 65bhp and 95Nm of torque, mated to a five-speed gearbox.

Is a Renault Clio reliable?

The Clio appears to be pretty reliable, and it’s one of the safest superminis on sale. The latest Clio is the safest yet – it achieved a full five stars when tested by industry body Euro NCAP, with impressive adult, child and assistance ratings of 96%, 89% and 75% respectively.

What engine is in the Clio 182?

Powertrain specs

Engine type R4
Displacement 2.0 l (122 ci)
Power 182 ps (180 bhp / 134 kw)
Torque 200 Nm (148 lb-ft)
Power / liter 91 ps (90 hp)

How fast is a Renault Sport RS?

Its technical specifications reflect the best of Renault Sport expertise. With a carbon monocoque chassis for a weight of less than 1,100 kg and an engine developing over 500 hp, it is able to reach a top speed of over 300 kph.

What does Renault RS stand for?

RS Stands For Renault Sport On Renault cars, the RS simply stands for “Renault Sport”. It is simply the initials of Renault Sport. Renault Sport is particularly famed for producing some of the best front-wheel drive performance cars in the world (most notably hot hatchbacks), especially the RS Clios and Meganes.

Is Renault Clio a good car?

The Clio is a fun, accomplished car to drive. The latest Renault Clio matches the driving finesse of the Ford Fiesta and outshines the Ford in other areas. Its interior is one of the best in class, while generous interior space, excellent safety and low running costs should help make it a firm family favourite.

Is Renault Clio a woman’s car?

4. Renault Megane – 45 out of 1,000 matches. Weirdly the Megane has the opposite effect that its baby brother, the Clio, does on women. Yet more proof that size doesn’t matter.