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What is the possible meaning of Coastal?

What is the possible meaning of Coastal?

adjective. of, relating to, bordering on, or located near a coast: The coastal regions are inundated at high tide.

What defines a coastal region?

A coastal zone is the interface between the land and water. These zones are important because a majority of the world’s population inhabit such zones. Thus, an understanding of the interactions of the oceans and the land is essential in understanding the hazards associated with coastal zones.

What does coast symbolize?

What does coast mean? As a noun, coast most commonly refers to the land next to the sea or ocean, or the region near it. As a verb, coast often means to move along smoothly or without much effort, but it is used differently in different contexts.

How will you identify coastal areas?


  • tectonics;
  • exposure to waves, winds, and ocean currents;
  • tidal range and intensity of current;

What is the meaning of coastal water?

“Coastal waters” includes the waters of the Great Lakes, the territorial seas of the United States, and: Those waters directly connected to the Great Lakes and territorial seas (i.e., bays, sounds, harbors, rivers, inlets, etc.) seas.

What is a good sentence for coastal?

The ship successfully underwent sea trials in coastal waters. 3. Many coastal towns were desolated by the hurricane.

What cities are in the coastal region?

  • Los Angeles.
  • San Diego.
  • San Jose.
  • San Francisco.
  • Fresno.
  • Sacramento.
  • Long Beach.
  • Oakland.

What are some interesting facts about the coastal region?

Everyone Loves the Beach The coast is where the ocean meets the land. The 193,000 miles of coast around the world is always changing. The wind and waves cause erosion that reshape the shoreline and can cause cliffs and arches. Sediment is also deposited along the coasts helping to reshape the coast lines.

What is the symbolism of a wave?

The ever-changing physical nature of waves also allows them to become symbols for change and flow in life, as well as the interconnected “ying and yang” of life. Waves are also common representations for emotion as the waves can be calm and serene or turbulent and out of control.

Does the ocean symbolize freedom?

The Sea. The sea in The Awakening symbolizes freedom and escape. It is a vast expanse that Edna can brave only when she is solitary and only after she has discovered her own strength. When in the water, Edna is reminded of the depth of the universe and of her own position as a human being within that depth.

What are coastal features?

A coast is a strip of land that meets an ocean or sea. Coasts have many different features, such as caves and cliffs, beaches and mudflats. Tides, waves, and water currents (flow) shape the land to form these coastal features.

How many coastal areas are there?

Indian coastline touches nine states– Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal and two union territories– Daman and Diu and Puducherry….Arfa Javaid.

Coastal Data
Length of Coastline 7516.6 km
Total Land Area 3,287,263 km2
Area of the continental shelf 372,424 km2

What does the word coastal mean in English?

of, relating to, bordering on, or located near a coast: The coastal regions are inundated at high tide.

Which is the best definition of a coastal body of water?

A usual definition is: a semi-enclosed coastal body of water, which has a free connection with the open sea, and within which sea water is measurably diluted with freshwater derived from land drainage.

Which is an example of a coastal region?

The Northwestern coast of the United States with the Rocky Mountains to its east and the KwaZulu Natal coast with the Drakensberg Mountain Range to its west in South Africa are two well-known examples that come to mind.

What happens if you live in a coastal area?

In coastal areas, very high tides called storm surges cause extensive damage. If you live in a coastal area, there is the possibility of a tsunami. This report provides an explanation for how giant kelp in Southern California is able to persist and grow when nitrate concentrations in coastal waters are extremely low.