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What is the noun form of unkind?

What is the noun form of unkind?

unkindness. (uncountable) The state or quality of being unkind.

Is Unkind a adverb?

—unkindly adverb —unkindness noun [uncountable]RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say mean, nasty, or horrible rather than unkind:The other kids were really mean to me. THESAURUSunkind treating people in a way that makes them unhappy or upset.

What is unkind?

adjective. If someone is unkind, they behave in an unpleasant, unfriendly, or slightly cruel way. You can also describe someone’s words or actions as unkind. All last summer he’d been unkind to her. [

What does unkindly mean?

: not kindly. unkindly. adverb. Definition of unkindly (Entry 2 of 2) : in an unkind manner dwells unkindly long on his final decline— A. H. Johnston.

What is the root word of quickly?

The adverb rapidly comes from the adjective rapid, “moving quickly,” with the Latin root rapidus, “hasty, swift, fierce, or impetuous.” Definitions of rapidly. adverb. with rapid movements. synonyms: apace, chop-chop, quickly, speedily.

Is Unput a word?

Not put; not placed, applied, expressed, etc.

What’s the adverb for ready?

Here surely is an adverb that modifies the adjective ready.

What is unkind Behaviour?

Unkindness is… Unkindness, in any form from carelessness to cruelty, can be defined briefly as ‘causing distress’. In more detail, this can be expanded to: Deliberately, carelessly or accidentally,… directly or indirectly causing…

What is the root word for unkind?

unkind (adj.) Old English uncynde “unnatural, not natural;” see un- (1) “not” + kind (adj.). Meaning “lacking in kindness” is recorded from mid-14c.

Is unkindly a word?

adjective, un·kind·li·er, un·kind·li·est. not kindly; unkind; ill-natured. inclement or bleak, as weather or climate.

What is a heartless person called?

insensitive, unkind, ruthless, harsh, inhuman, callous, brutal, cruel, cold-blooded, merciless, uncaring, cold-hearted, hard, hard-boiled, obdurate, pitiless, savage, thick-skinned, unemotional, unfeeling.

What is a word that means quickly?

rapidly, instantaneously, swiftly, speedily, immediately, promptly, hastily, instantly, expeditiously, hurriedly, quick, apace, chop-chop, briskly, flat-out, in a flash, lickety-split, pronto, swift, fleetly.

What does the name unkind mean?

The definition of unkind is cruel or inconsiderate of others. An example of someone unkind is a very strict, mean school principal. An example of something unkind is a person taking a treat from the hand of a child. YourDictionary definition and usage example. “Unkind.”.

What does unkind person mean?

having no race or kindred; childless. Unkind (adj) not kind; contrary to nature, or the law of kind or kindred; unnatural. Unkind (adj) wanting in kindness, sympathy, benevolence, gratitude, or the like; cruel; harsh; unjust; ungrateful.

What does unkindness mean?

Meaning of unkindness in English. unkindness. › the quality of not treating someone very well, or not considering someone’s feelings: