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What is the main function of Victoria Falls?

What is the main function of Victoria Falls?

Economical importance The functions of the Victoria Falls are not limited only to being an attraction for million of tourists, it is also very important economically. 11. The waterfall supplies energy to several cities in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

What is Victoria Falls now called?

Mosi Oa Tunya
Locals still refer to the Falls as Mosi Oa Tunya and the area continues to be revered as a sacred site among the local tribes. David Livingstone was obviously not the first person to see the Victoria Falls, although he is always credited as having discovered it. Many locals feel they should be rebranded Mosi Oa Tunya.

What are some special things about Victoria Falls?

Facts on Victoria Falls Height, Depth, Volume of the Largest Waterfall in the World. Formation of the Victoria Falls, Geology and the Gorges. About the Victoria Falls Rainforest. David Livingstone. History of Victoria Falls. The Zambezi River. Victoria Falls Bridge and Steam Railway. Victoria Falls – One of the World’s Seven Wonders. Cecil John Rhodes. A Lunar Rainbow.

What are some interesting facts about Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The falls have been protected by the Zambezi National Park since 1983 and Victoria Falls National Park since January 2013. Elephants visit the falls to feed on grasses and fruits growing along the banks of the river and on islands in the middle of the river above the falls.

What are the beliefs about Victoria Falls?

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  • What wildlife can I See in Victoria Falls?

    Can I see the Big Five in Victoria Falls National Park? Elephants Elephants are one of the most frequently seen animals in Victoria Falls. Lions There’s nothing like seeing a lion in the wild for the first time. Buffalos Of all the Big Five, this incredible horned creature is the most dangerous, but seeing it move rhythmically across open plains or grazing in the wild, really is a