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What is the Apache word for white?

What is the Apache word for white?

Apache Word Set

English (Français) Jicarilla Apache words Western Apache words
White (Blanc) Łigai Łigai
Yellow (Jaune) Łitso Łitsog
Red (Rouge) Łichíí Łichíí
Black (Noir) Łizhįį Diłhił

How do you say hello in White Mountain Apache?

“Dagot’ee”- Hello and welcome to the website of the White Mountain Apache Tribe!

What is the Apache word for love?

“Know what they both say at the marriage? The squaw-taking ceremony?” “Tell me.”

How do you say Wolf in Apache?

Please send us the word for “wolf” in your language if it does not appear in the above list. Thank you!…Note The spelling of some languages are “Romanized” for ease of pronunciation.

Algonquin: mahigan
Apache: ba’cho, ba’uchaahi, ma’cho
Athabascan: teekon

Why is it called a white eye?

As their common name implies, many species have a conspicuous ring of tiny white feathers around their eyes. The scientific name of the group also reflects this latter feature, being derived from the Ancient Greek for “girdle-eye”.

Why are eyes called white?

The Apache term for white people could plausibly have been a descriptor for pale eyes… which, once translated into English, was rendered as “white eyes.”

What is the Apache word for goodbye?

Apache does not have a word for suicide or for the precise equivalent of goodbye. When two Apaches part ways, common farewells mean “I’ll see you again” or “travel in beauty,” Rodriguez said.

What does Yatahey mean in Apache?

”all is good
Become a member to unlock this answer! In Navajo, yatahey, pronounced /yah-ah-Teh/, is a common greeting. It literally translates to ”all is good’.

How do you say I love you in Western Apache?

But to answer your question, “I love you” is sil n’zhoo (the s here sounds almost like the sh in shoe; and the n’zhoo almost sounds like a sneeze.

Who defeated Apache?

On September 4, 1886, Apache leader Geronimo surrenders to U.S. government troops. For 30 years, the Native American warrior had battled to protect his tribe’s homeland; however, by 1886 the Apaches were exhausted and outnumbered.

What is the Native American name for wolf?

Native American Words Meaning Wolf, Coyote, and Fox

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Maiyun Cheyenne Wolf
Maheegan Algonquin Wolf
Waya Cherokee Wolf
Tokula Lakota Fox

What is the Native American word for spirit?

CATORI: Hopi name meaning spirit.”