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What is the antonyms of landlocked?

What is the antonyms of landlocked?

What is the opposite of landlocked?

coastal shoreside
nearshore offshore
alongshore littoral

What is the landlocked meaning?

1 : enclosed or nearly enclosed by land a landlocked country. 2 : confined to fresh water by some barrier landlocked salmon. 3 : living or located away from the ocean a landlocked sailor.

Is landlocked a word?

shut in completely, or almost completely, by land: a landlocked bay. having no direct access to the sea: a landlocked country.

What is the synonym of nitrogen?

Find another word for nitrogen. In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for nitrogen, like: nitrate, periodic-table, atomic number 7, ammonia, phosphorus, sulfur, phosphate, inerting, hydrocarbon, sulphur and chlorine.

What is water locked?

: nearly surrounded by water a waterlocked tongue of land.

Why is being landlocked bad?

Historically, being landlocked has been disadvantageous to a country’s development. It cuts a nation off from important sea resources such as fishing, and impedes or prevents direct access to maritime trade, a crucial component of economic and social advance.

Can a city be landlocked?

Something that’s landlocked is completely surrounded by land, rather than by bodies of water. Oklahoma City is landlocked, but San Francisco isn’t. There are many landlocked cities in the world, and if you live in one of them but miss the time you once spent on an island in Maine, you may feel landlocked yourself.

What is the synonym of carbon dioxide?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for carbon-dioxide, like: carbonic-acid, CO2, methane, emission, nitrogen, greenhouse-gas, carbonic-acid gas, emisions, ammonia, and C02.

Which is the closest synonym for the word landlocked?

landlocked | definition: surrounded entirely or almost entirely by land | synonyms: inland| antonyms: coastal, seaward

Is there such a thing as a landlocked cat?

A SAILOR’S cat which has spent most of its life at sea has gone missing and it’s thought it might have ventured into the landlocked Midlands. Landlocked Switzerland is celebrating another sailing success after Bernard Starom navigated his way to victory in the Around Alone yachting race.

What are the benefits of being a landlocked state?

‘Funding also supports inland aquaculture and fish processing which will be relevant to landlocked and other states, such as Poland, with significant aquaculture interests. As Scots trawlers are scrapped,the 10new EU nations get pounds 200m boost to fishing fleets; (and 3 of them are landlocked!)