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What is specialization in TLE?

What is specialization in TLE?

Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) is one of the learning areas of the Secondary Education Curriculum used in Philippine secondary schools. As a subject in high school, its component areas are: Home Economics, Agri-Fishery Arts, Industrial Arts, and Information and Communication Technology.

What is exploratory TLE?

Each TLE subject in Grades 7 and 8 is exploratory. This means each student has the chance to explore the following four main courses of TLE. 1) Agri-Fishery Arts. 2) Home Economics. 3) Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

What are the objectives of TLE?

In line with the school’s vision and mission, the TLE Department aims to develop critical thinking, self-reliance, independence, culture sensitivity and entrepreneurship in the students by enhancing their skills on the different uses of technology and application of life skills.

What is cookery in TLE?

What is cookery in TLE? Cooking or cookery is the art, technology, science, and craft of preparing food for consumption. Cooking is done both by people in their dwellings and by profession, cooks, and chefs in restaurants and other food establishments.

What are the 4 area of TLE?

It is composed of four (4) major livelihood component areas, namely Home Economics (HE), Agriculture and Fishery Arts (AFA), Industrial Arts (IA) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Entrepreneurship is integrated in all areas in TLE and its components.

Is EPP and TLE the same?

The Teaching of Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP) and Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)

What are the two types of curriculum in TLE?

Two types of curriculum are provided for regular high schools (public and private). These are: Technical-Vocational Education-based TLE and Entrepreneurship Education-based TLE. The Technical-Vocational Education-based TLE is focused on technical skills development in any area.

What are the 4 components of TLE?

T.L.E is a subject that focuses around home life and general living, and the four components of the subject include home economics, agricultural arts entrepreneurship and industrial arts.

What are the benefits of studying TLE?

Technology and Livelihood Education or TLE is vital to becoming a productive member of the modern workforce. Choosing a career path, and then learning the technology and livelihood skills related to that field or industry, can be an excellent way to improve the chances of succeeding in a career endeavor.

What did you learn in TLE?

TLE is a subject about home economics, family values, anything about basic living and your lifestyle at home. Some students related that they have learned all about software, multimedia, and types of computers in their TLE class.

What is basic cookery?

Cooking involves the application of heat to foodstuffs. The basic object of cooking is to tenderize (or in the case of flour goods such as cake, to stabilize) food so that it will be easier to digest. There are two other reasons for cooking food.

What is TLE and its importance?

Technology and Livelihood Education training is simply another term for career training. In TLE, they can maintain their skills in doing some chores like developing responsible parenthood to have a happy family relationship. It also includes developing skills in cooking and in poultry, meat and fish cookery.

Which is the best way to teach TLE?

TLE is a skill-dominated subject. Therefore, teaching TLE must make use of experiential learning. Subject offering must be done systematically from Grades 7 to 12 to enable the TLE students to obtain nd NC II in Grade 12. The teaching TLE is focuses on knowledge and information, Edukasyong Pantahan at Pangkabuhayan Technology Livelihood Education.

What are the TLE areas in Grade 7?

Cover the four TLE areas in Grade 7 and 8 for exploratory purposes – agriculture and fisheries, ICT, home economics and industrial arts. Develop student’s entrepreneurial mindset.

What does TLE stand for in Oklahoma State?

TLE oversees Oklahoma’s teacher/leader evaluation system that is used to inform instruction, create professional development opportunities, and promote the continuous improvement of the practice and art of teaching and leading.

What are the subjects in EPP and TLE?

Grade 7 and 8 – Exploratory courses in at least 8 subjects (4 subjects in Grade 7 and 4 in Grade 8) in the TLE areas – agriculture, ICT, home economics Focus is on common competencies – use and calculation, interpreting drawing, occupational safety and health Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies only in Grade 8.