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What is Peterbilt Low Air Leaf suspension?

What is Peterbilt Low Air Leaf suspension?

Description. Also known as the Kenworth AG400L, this air suspension reduced its weight 325 lbs. compared its predecessor, Peterbilt’s Air Leaf. It has considerably fewer parts, a higher weight rating (40k), and improved ground clearance.

What is Peterbilt flex air suspension?

The new 38,000-lb tandem suspension is known as Flex Air and is a hybrid of leaf and air springs. Installed weight of a Flex Air suspension is 400 lb less than Pete’s Low Air Leaf suspension. The new suspension offers low chassis height and improved ride for refrigerated and tank applications, Peterbilt officials said.

What is Flex air suspension?

Rated at 38,000 pounds, the suspension uses a weight-efficient structure consisting of a very stiff, lightweight aluminum beam with a small semi-elliptic taper leaf spring mounted at one end, and an air spring at the other end. …

What is air trac suspension?

Description. This air suspension has a maximum capacity rating of 46,000 pounds. It features lower radius rods that strengthen and stabilize the suspension but tend to cause a rougher ride quality than the Air Leaf or Low Mount Air Leaf.

What is the ride height for a Kenworth 8 bag?

The AG380 only weighs about 750 pounds fully installed, or 200 to 400 pounds less than traditional Class 8 suspension systems – contributing to extra payload potential each and every truck load. Adding to its productivity, the AG380 comes with a low 8.5 inch ride height, ideal for high-cube payload operations.

How do I adjust the height on my air suspension?

In order to adjust the ride height, loosen the hose clamp and move the rod down to decrease the ride height and up to increase the ride height. After the correct height (free travel) is attained, tighten the hose clamp to prevent the adjusting rod from moving.

How does an air leveling valve work?

This valve is typically mounted to the vehicle frame and connects to the suspension lower member with a signal link. As the suspension raises and lowers, the valve ‘reads’ the height of the suspension and adds air to or removes air from the air springs.

What is the purpose of the height control valve in an air suspension system?

Air Suspension Control Valves are used to automatically control the vehicle’s ride height by inflating and deflating the air suspension bellows to adjust for variations between loaded and unloaded vehicles.