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What important backstory does Horatio introduce to the audience?

What important backstory does Horatio introduce to the audience?

Horatio is able to introduce the audience to the Fortinbras subplot, which will gain importance as the story progresses. In particular, Horatio relates that Fortinbras is “Of unimproved mettle hot and full” and is raising an army to march on Denmark to avenge his father’s loss.

Does Horatio tell the king about the ghost?

Horatio explains that Denmark is under threat of invasion by the young Fortinbras, son of King Fortinbras who was killed in a battle over land by Hamlet’s father. Horatio decides to tell Hamlet about the ghost and bring him to see it in the hope that the ghost may speak to him.

What does the audience learn from Marcellus’s question to Horatio?

1, Lines 74–108: What does the audience learn from Marcellus’s question to Horatio? The audience learns the history between Hamlet and Fortinbras and why the people beyond the wall are preparing for war. The feud between the polocks and hamlet’s men. The description of a military builds a suspenseful mood.

What does Horatio tell Hamlet about?

It is Horatio’s idea to tell Hamlet about the ghost, supposing that “This spirit, dumb to us, will speak to him”. Horatio swears secrecy pertaining to the ghost and Hamlet’s “antic disposition”. He is privy to much of Hamlet’s thinking, and symbolizes the ultimate faithful friend.

Is Horatio in love with Hamlet?

For example in Hamlet, he and Horatio were more than just friends they were lovers. Horatio is the only one who knows for certain that Hamlet madness is an act. He is the one person Hamlet love deeply, and trust personally, and the main person to comfort him at his death.

What does the ghost say to Horatio?

“Speak, I am bound to hear” (1.5. 7). The ghost identifies himself as the spirit of King Hamlet, telling him he must hurry because he is under obligation to return to the fires of purgatory to atone for his sins until he can go to heaven.

What news does the ghost of King Hamlet reveal to his son?

What news does the ghost of King Hamlet reveal to his son? King Hamlet’s brother murdered him to take over the kingdom.

What does Shakespeare want the audience to know before meeting the main characters?

Shakespeare wants the audience to understand the concept of revenge and betrayal of those close to you, which is why he mentioned the story of Julius Caesar (1.1. 117-118).

What did Horatio say in answer to the question Marcellus asked?

There is a sense of panic in his asking this question; Bernardo has already asked it, and Horatio has already admitted that the vision did indeed resemble the dead king. Horatio then says that he fears the nightly apparitions of this ghost presage “some strange eruption to our state.”

Are Horatio and Hamlet in love?

Why has Marcellus ask Horatio to come?

Horatio thinks it can’t be a ghost because there are no such things as ghosts. Marcellus and Bernardo thinks there must be ghosts because they have seen one. Shakespeare wanted Horatio to report the visit of the ghost to Hamlet because Horatio is Hamlet’s confidant throughout the play, right up to the very end.

What famous line does Horatio deliver at the end of the play?

‘Now cracks a noble heart’ is the appropriately heartbreaking comment on Hamlet’s death at the end of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The line is delivered by Hamlet’s best – his only – friend, Horatio.

Why does Horatio believe in the ghost of the old king?

Horatio believes that the ghost of the old king is an omen of bad tidings for Denmark. He cites an example from antiquity when, just before Julius Caesar was murdered, people saw ghosts as an indicator of bad things to come. I have quoted the passage below. A mote it is to trouble the mind’s eye.

What does hamlet say to Horatio in Hamlet?

Hamlet confides in Horatio and tells him what he’s thinking and how he plans to proceed. He also shares his thoughts and feelings about the other characters so, all in all, the audience has a wide picture of what’s going on in Hamlet’s mind.

How is Horatio unusual in a Shakespeare play?

As a character in a Shakespeare play he is unusual as, even in his most minor characters, Shakespeare rounds them and makes them come alive, but he does not do that with Horatio. Shakespeare presents him almost as a non-person.

Why is Horatio at Wittenburg University in Hamlet?

Horatio as played by Dawn Jani Birley So why is he there? He is a student at Wittenburg University where Prince Hamlet is also a student, and he’s Hamlet’s best friend. Hamlet has returned to Elsinor Castle because his father has died, only to find that his mother has very quickly married his brother.