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What happened to actor John Smith from Laramie?

What happened to actor John Smith from Laramie?

Smith, whose acting career peaked in the late 1950s, died at his home here on Jan. 25 of what was probably a combination of cirrhosis and heart problems, according to his former wife, actress Luana Patten Smith.

Is John Smith the actor still alive?

Deceased (1931–1995)
John Smith/Living or Deceased

How old was John Smith on Laramie when he died?

63 years (1931–1995)
John Smith/Age at death

Was the actor John Smith married?

Luana Pattenm. 1960–1964
John Smith/Spouse

Why is the name John so popular?

The name first became popular among the upper classes after a religious revival in the early 13th century when John the Baptist became a favourite saint. The name spread to the lower classes because children tended to be named not by their parents but by their godfathers, usually the local landowner.

Why is there an H in John but not Jonathan?

It seems to be a remnant of the h in the Latin spelling Johannes, possibly via an abbreviation. In some early documents, e.g. the 1292 Subsidy Rolls of London, John is most often abbreviated as Joh’, but occasionally you meet a non-abbreviated spelling such as Jon.

What was the real name of John Smith?

John Smith’s Life Before Fame The actor was born on the 6th of March 1931 in Los Angeles, California. His given name at birth was Robert Errol Van Orden and he was raised by his parents; Errol and Margaret Van Orden.

Who was the actor in Cimarron City and Laramie?

John Smith (born Robert Errol Van Orden, March 6, 1931 – January 25, 1995) was an American actor remembered in particular for his leading roles in two NBC western television series, Cimarron City and Laramie

When was the last time John Smith was on TV?

That same year, he had his last film role as Mr. Ames in Walt Disney ‘s Justin Morgan Had a Horse. His last television appearances came in 1974 and 1975, when he portrayed different physicians in two episodes of ABC’s medical-drama Marcus Welby, M.D., starring Robert Young.

Who was the actress John Smith was married to?

John Smith got married to American actress Luana Patten in 1960. Prior to their marriage, Luana, who had begun her career as a child model and later child actress, was married to Ronny Huntley when she was just 15. The marriage to Huntley only lasted for five years before it ended and gave room for her to settle down with Smith.