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What happened in the last chapter of The Hobbit?

What happened in the last chapter of The Hobbit?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 19 – The Last Stage On May 1, Bilbo returns to Elrond and then goes on to his house, which is being sold at auction, because he is presumed dead. The story ends with Bilbo settled once again in his hobbit-hole, more comfortable than ever before and yet thinking back on his great adventure.

What happened at the end of chapter 9 of The Hobbit?

In Chapter 9 of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, it’s Bilbo’s chance to rescue the group. All of the dwarves are captured by the Elvenking and locked up. Bilbo coordinates an escape. Bilbo snags the keys to their cells and packs all the dwarves into empty wine barrels, and they float out of the cave to freedom.

What news and advice does Roac bring to Thorin?

Thorin asked Roac to bring news of any that draw near, to send messengers to the dwarves’ kin, and to go to Thorin’s cousin, Dain, in the Iron Hills and bade him hasten. Bilbo gave Bard the Arkenstone to help negotiate with Thorin.

What news did Balin bring?

Balin brings news that Lake-town and Dale have been rebuilt. After his adventures, Bilbo returns home and begins to write about his journey. One day an old friend appears at his hobbit-hole. Balin the dwarf arrives and Bilbo naturally asks for news.

What were Gandalf’s last words to Bilbo in The Hobbit?

What were Gandalf’s last words to Bilbo in this book? You don’t really suppose, do you, that all your adventures and escapes were managed by mere luck; just for your sole benefit & You are a very fine person, Mr. Baggins; and I am very fond of you; but you are only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all.

Why can’t Bilbo enjoy himself amid the enthusiasm?

Why can’t Bilbo enjoy himself amid the enthusiasm? He had not forgotten the dangers of the dragon and the mountain. He suspects Bilbo’s plan is to steal treasure, and the Elvenking is highly motivated by treasure, and the Elvenking is highly motivated by treasure.

Who kills Smaug?

In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Smaug attacks Lake-town. He is killed by Bard with a black arrow and his body falls on the boat carrying the fleeing Master of Lake-town.

Why did Thorin not listen to Roac?

Answer and Explanation: Thorin rejects Roac’s advice because he is blinded by greed and arrogance. When Thorin asks Roac to send word to his cousin Dain to prepare for war,…

What is Bilbo’s plan to avoid war?

What is Bilbo’s plan to avoid war? Is it a good plan? Bilbo leaves the mountain without being caught by telling Bombur that Bilbo should take watch and once they swapped he wore his ring and slipped over the wall. Bilbo’s plan to avoid war is giving bard the Arkenstone so he could trade with Thorin.

What good news does Roac bring what bad news?

The Hobbit Ch. 15-19 Quiz

Question Answer
What good news does Roac bring?/What bad news does he bring? Smaug is dead, The bad news is that the men of Laketown and the Wood-elves are coming to claim a portion of the treasure
Why does Bilbo offer the Arkenstone to Bard? As a bargaining tool

Who is the Balrog Gandalf fights?

The Battle of the Peak was the climax of the fight between Gandalf the Grey and the Balrog (Durin’s Bane) atop Zirakzigil after they ascended the Endless Stair from the depths of Moria.

What happens in the last chapter of The Hobbit?

In this final chapter, Bilbo reflects on the adventurous year he has spent in the company of the dwarves. Although he is returning home, Gandalf tells him what Bilbo himself knows, that he is not the hobbit he once was.

How did Bilbo Baggins avoid capture in The Hobbit?

Trying to find their way out of the forest of Mirkwood, the dwarves are captured by armed Wood-elves; Bilbo avoids capture because he is wearing the ring. Invisible, he follows the dwarves, who are taken by the elves across a bridge to the cave palace of the Elvenking. The Elvenking has them thrown them into separate prison cells.

How old is Balin at the end of The Hobbit?

Appendix B to LotR puts Balin and Gandalf’s visit in 2949, eight years after the main events of the book. Balin enters Moria a whopping forty years later, which probably explains why Tolkien aged him down from being “very old-looking” in chapter 1, to being seventeen years younger than Thorin in the family tree in Appendix A of LotR.

How does Chapter 19 of The Hobbit relate to LOTR?

Another small way that this chapter ties into LotR is Gandalf’s speech to Bilbo at the very end: “Then the prophecies of the old songs have turned out to be true, after a fashion!” said Bilbo. “Of course!” said Gandalf.