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What eats and lives but drinks and dies?

What eats and lives but drinks and dies?

The answer to this amazing What Lives When It Eats and Dies When It Drinks? Riddle is Fire.

What is the answer to the riddle give me food and I will live Give me water and I will die?

Riddle: Give me food, and I will live. Give me water, and I will die. What am I? The answer is “Fire.”

What lives if you feed it and dies if you water it?

Riddle Answer. The Answer to If You Feed Me, I Live, But If You Water Me, I Die. What am I? Riddle is Fire.

What will die if it drinks water?

your answer is fire.

What is white when it’s dirty?

The answer to this interesting What Becomes White When It Is Dirty? Riddle is Blackboard.

What room can nobody enter?

#jokes, Home / Fun Stuff for Kids / Jokes for Kids / Q: What room can no one enter? A: A mushroom.

What can run but Cannot walk?

The answer to the riddle is water, a river. A river can run but not walk. It has a mouth but never talks and has a head but never weeps, has a bed (riverbed) but never sleeps.

What can you throw but Cannot catch?

The answer to this riddle is cold. And thus, the answer to the riddle What can you catch, but not throw is Cold whose explanation is given above.

What is in bed but never sleeps?

The answer to What has a bed but never sleeps and runs but never walks? Riddle Answer is “A river.”

Which is the saddest fruit?

Blueberries are the saddest fruits.

What is the saddest food?

The 5 Saddest Foods That Exist

  1. The Bologna Sandwich.
  2. Ramen Noodles.
  3. Chicken Noodle Soup.
  4. Hamburger Helper.
  5. Totino’s Frozen Pizzas. Frozen pizzas are already a sad food to begin with, but I think Totino’s pizzas put it on another oven rack level of sadness.

What is the most unhealthy fruit?

Worst Fruit for Weight Loss

  • Bananas. Bananas are a great replacement for a pre-workout energy bar which is why you often see professional tennis players snacking on them in between games.
  • Mango. Mangos are one of the most commonly consumed fruits in the world.
  • Grapes.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Apples.
  • Blueberries.
  • Watermelon.
  • Lemon.

Why do people not eat when they die?

This is the natural way a body (man, woman, child or animal) dies. It isn’t that the person doesn’t want to eat. They usually try but state they just “can’t” eat. This is because the eating or not eating has nothing to do with the personality choosing to eat or not. It has to do with the body releasing its hold on this physical plane.

Is it normal to stop eating during the dying process?

When the dying process begins it is normal for eating to gradually stop. When a person’s disease can’t be fixed, and death is going to be its result, the goal becomes one of providing comfort. ALWAYS offering food but not forcing is the comfort we give now.

Can a person who is close to death drink?

Your doctor will discuss this with you if they think that giving you fluids will cause more distress than relief. When someone is close to dying, they are often not able or willing to drink at all. At this point, they are only likely to live for a few days at most.

What can you eat to survive on one food?

Cecil Adams, the erstwhile columnist, claims to have run the numbers with his assistant and found that a whole lot of potatoes and milk would get you most of what you need – with the exception of the mineral molybdenum. But you can get all you need of that by also eating a bit of oatmeal.