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What does hoser mean in British?

What does hoser mean in British?

hoser in British English (ˈhəʊzə ) noun. 1. US slang. a person who swindles or deceives others.

What is a Canadian called?

“Canuck” /kəˈnʌk/ is a slang term for a Canadian. The origins of the word are uncertain. The term “Kanuck” is first recorded in 1835 as an Americanism, originally referring to Dutch Canadians (which included German Canadians) or French Canadians. By the 1850s, the spelling with a “C” became predominant.

What are some Canadian slang words?

Canadian Slang Words You Need to Know

  • “Eh?!” Loonie (and toonie)
  • “I’m gonna go to Timmies real quick and grab me a box of Timbits.”
  • “Mmm…
  • “Yeah, this is a crazy life.
  • “I’m on my way to the Beer Store to pick up a two-four.”
  • “Grab your toque.
  • “Just grab a mickey.
  • “Let’s have a couple pops on the chesterfield [couch].”

What does purple hoser mean in English?

“Hoser” is a slang word for a Canadian of limited intelligence and little education. Having purple in the aura can mean that peace, the ultimate expression of love and truth in this lifetime, are all part of your soul plan.

Is hoser a Scrabble word?

Yes, hoser is in the scrabble dictionary.

Why is it called Purple Hoser?

Garrett Hilbert’s nickname came from the second battle In one of their first videos, “Go-Kart Battle,” each of the guys wore a different-colored shirt and picked names based on that. Unfortunately for Garrett, none of his physical features stuck with him, so he stuck with the one he was given, The Purple Hoser.

Who is the tall guy in Dude Perfect?

Meet Cody Jones
Meet Cody Jones. “The Tall Guy” Standing at 6’6″, Cody is the jokester of the group. He has a lovable personality and can talk himself into any situation…but not necessarily out of it.

Where does the word ‘Hoser’ come from?

Hoser is both a slang term and a derogatory term, originating from Canada and used primarily by those imitating Canadians.

What a hoser, eh?

A “Hoser” was a Canadian Redneck made popular by actors Bob and Doug MacKenzie at the time and the “Eh” is Canadian slang and “Eh” also represented the cars we drove. In the late 1980’s a group of MGA guys from the London/ Tillsonburg area would get together to work on their cars, drink beer and buy/sell/swap car parts.

What is a Canadian Hoser?

“Hoser” is a slang word for a Canadian of limited intelligence and little education. Almost always a white man, a hoser is, to some extent, the Canadian equivalent of American terms like “hillbilly” and “redneck” – though without the overtly racist connotations of the latter word.