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What does FB mean on OS map?

What does FB mean on OS map?

Ordnance Survey Abbreviations

F ???
FAP Fire Alarm Pillar
FB Filter Bed
FB Foot Bridge
FBM Fundamental Bench Mark

What do OS map symbols mean?

An OS map symbol is the easily understood map language that will guide you through every walk, bike ride or run that you go on. All of the features you will see when out and about are on your OS map, and the symbol will help you with your map reading and to understand what your map is telling you.

What does dis mean on OS map?

Ordnance Survey Abbreviations

D Dale, Drive, Drove
Dis Disused
DIS Disused
Dismtd Rly Dismantled Railway
Dist District

What does P mean on an old OS map?

P = Pool or Pump. W = Well. G.P = Guide Post (signpost)

What does ISS mean on OS map?


Abbreviation Expansion 25K
Iss Issue L
Isoln Hospl Isolation Hospital
Junc Junction
L Lake

What does the blue P mean on maps?

Tap the P (for parking). If P is red, it means parking will be limited. Blue means finding parking will be easy or moderately challenging. 4. Tap Find parking.

What does PW stand for on Ordance Survey map?

The ‘PW’ is the abbreviation for “PRICE WATCH”. What does -pw golf club mean? What does it mean when you place a PW after an email address? What does PW stand for on motorcycles? What does PW mean? the reason why you cant say pw on any chat sites is because it means password u can not also say the full thing either

What does PW in PW markets stand for?

The PW hallmarking indicates Palladium white, an alternative to white gold. The 14K indicates the purity of the alloy. What does the PW in PW Markets stand for? The ‘PW’ is the abbreviation for “PRICE WATCH”.

What does the abbreviation PW stand for Yamaha PW 80?

In weight and mass, PW probably stands for pennyweight. A pennyweight is approximately 0.055 ounces or approximately 1.555 grams. What does the pw stand for Yamaha pw 80?

Where can I find list of OS abbreviations?

This is just a short list of some very common OS map feature abbreviations. The National Library of Scotland maintains a much more comprehensive list .