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What do you think about Bob in after twenty years?

What do you think about Bob in after twenty years?

So writing Bob a little note is his way of reconciling his friendship with his duty to enforce the law. He also wants Bob to know that his promise to meet outside the same place in twenty years’ time was every bit as important to him as it was to his friend.

How would you describe Jimmy and Bob’s personalities in the story after twenty years?

Jimmy Wells (Patrolman Wells) is a loyal and trustworthy friend. He was at “the appointed place,” but couldn’t bring himself to arrest his friend. “Silky” Bob, might be considered a loyal friend too because he showed up “After Twenty Years” as well. The difference is the two paths that each took over their lives.

What does Bob say about his life in the West?

When Bob meets the man he thinks is Jimmy, Bob tells him that the West has given him everything he “asked it for.” Bob also told the first officer he met, before knowing he was Jimmy, that “the West is a pretty big proposition.” He admits he spent a lot of time “hustling around over it pretty lively.” Although Bob …

What kind of character is Bob in after twenty years?

”Silky Bob
Bob – a 38-year-old criminal known as ”Silky Bob. ” His physical description includes having a ”pale, square-jawed face with keen eyes, and a little white scar near his right eyebrow. ” He remains loyal to his friend after twenty years. Jimmy – a 40-year-old patrolman.

Why did Bob’s hand tremble?

Why did Bob’s hand tremble as he finished reading the note? Ans. As Bob read the note from Jimmy Wells, he realised that his childhood friend whom he trusted completely and for whom he risked his life and came all the way to see him, had actually got him arrested. As he felt betrayed his hands trembled.

Why is the story titled After Twenty Years?

The title of “After Twenty Years” is ironic because two old friends are reuniting after a long time, but they are now on opposite sides of the law. When Bob sees Jimmy, he does not recognize him. They were young men when they last saw each other.

What is the problem in After Twenty Years?

Expert Answers The main problem in the story “After Twenty Years ” is Jimmy’s. He keeps his appointment to meet his old friend Bob but quickly realizes Bob is a criminal wanted by the Chicago police.

What is the moral of the story After Twenty Years?

Henry’s short story “After Twenty Years” gleans from its reading is the value that friendship should hold in one’s life. For, it is out of respect for the strong, deep friendship of his youth that Jimmy Wells, now Patrolman Wells, does not arrest ‘Silky’ Bob, a criminal wanted in Chicago.

What did he keep doing while on his rounds?

What did he keep doing while on his rounds? He kept spinning his stick with many intricate and artful movements while doing his duty.

What made Bob finally realize that he wasn’t talking to his old friend Jimmy?

Bob realizes that the man with whom he talks is not Jimmy Wells after they walk under the brilliant electric lights of a drug store. He is startled that this man is a stranger, and he exclaims, “You’re not Jimmy Wells!” Bob then points to the man’s differences from his old friend.

Why did Bob’s hands tremble as he finished reading the note?

Why did Bob’s hand began to tremble describe his feelings for his friend?

Answer: So, Bob’s hand may be trembling because of shock or perhaps because of a sense of betrayal that his old friend would do something like this to him.

Where was Bob last seen in after twenty years?

In “After Twenty Years,” Bob returns to New York, where he last saw his friend, Jimmy. When the two parted ways, they agreed to meet at a particular location in twenty years to see where life had taken them. As Bob waits for his friend, he encounters a police officer walking the street to ensure the shops are secured.

Why was Jimmy still friends with Bob after twenty years?

We can surmise, from everything that Bob has said about Jimmy, that Jimmy still feels a strong bond of friendship for Bob, even after twenty years have passed. Bob describes Jimmy as a fine, upstanding person, who unlike Bob, never wanted to leave New York.

Who are silky Bob and Jimmy Wells in after twenty years?

A serial criminal called “Silky Bob” has come to New York to meet up with his old friend Jimmy Wells. Twenty years earlier, the two men had agreed to meet outside a hardware store. Amazingly, Bob… What is the characterization of Bob and Jimmy Wells in the story “After Twenty Years” by O. Henry?

What is the characterization of Bob and Jimmy Wells?

Bob is descibed by the narrator as egotistical because he begins bragging about his successes to the second policeman who poses as Jimmy Wells. Even so, he is also a loyal friend, made clear by the fact he returned to the site of the restaurant he and Jimmy agreed to meet at twenty years ago to see how each had fared in life.