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What do you mean by terminal handling in computer network?

What do you mean by terminal handling in computer network?

A computer terminal is an electromechanical or electronic hardware device which is used for entering data into, and displaying data from a computing system or computer. The early terminals were inexpensive but slower than punched cards or paper tape for input.

What are the types of terminals in computer?

One of the most common types of computer terminal is a monitor and keyboard setup that is connected to a larger computer through a network interface. Other types of computer terminals include handheld terminals and dedicated devices such as credit card reading terminals and point of sale terminals.

Which network component is responsible for converting electrical pulses incoming over a twisted pair cable into digital signals?

The Data Link Layer – The Data Link Layer determines how digital data is pulsed over the communication like: how many bits at one time, when to pulse, how often to pulse, etc. There two most prevalent Data Link Layer protocols are ethernet and Point-To-Point Protocol (PPP).

What is terminal polling?

(1) A communications technique that determines when a terminal is ready to send data. The computer continually interrogates its connected terminals in a round robin sequence. If a terminal has data to send, it sends back an acknowledgment and the transmission begins.

What are two types of terminals?

There are two main varieties of fork terminals; locking forks, and flanged forks.

What type of signal does a computer use to communicate?

Digital signals
Digital signals are transmitted to computers in the form of electronic signals sent as pulses. The digital device interprets each pulse’s voltage as either a 0 or 1. The image below is an example of a digitized wave.

Which type of transmission is used in local area network for sending a digital signal from one station to another?

This is baseband transmission because no modulation is involved.

Why is polling inefficient?

A polling cycle is the time in which each element is monitored once. Roll call polling can be inefficient if the overhead for the polling messages is high, there are numerous elements to be polled in each polling cycle and only a few elements are active.

What do you need to know about a computer terminal?

A terminal enables a user to communicate with the internal CPU or another network device or computer. 4. HyperTerminal or Terminal was a software program shipped with Microsoft Windows systems and other operating systems. This program enables a user to connect to another computer or device using their modem or network card.

What do you call a terminal that depends on a host?

A terminal that depends on the host computer for its processing power is called a “dumb terminal” or a thin client. A personal computer can run terminal emulator software that replicates the function of a terminal, sometimes allowing concurrent use of local programs and access to a distant terminal host system.

Which is an example of a terminal device?

In the context of telecommunications, a terminal is a device which ends a telecommunications link and is the point at which a signal enters or leaves a network. Examples of terminal equipment include telephones, fax machines, computer terminals, printers and workstations.

What kind of commands do you use in a terminal?

The following is a list of entry-level operational commands aimed at understanding and using Terminal. Terminal, or the command line interface (CLI), is considered by many to be the Holy Grail of computer management.