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What do Paz Marquez Benitez dead stars represent?

What do Paz Marquez Benitez dead stars represent?

Dead Stars Symbolism The ‘Dead Stars’ represent a presence that is unrecognized. It speaks of emotions and relationships that may exist but are not realized and lose their real meaning and significance. In the story, the attraction between Alfredo and Julia is a forbidden and taboo phenomenon.

Why did Alfredo marry Esperanza?

Alfredo chooses Esperanza, because he fears that he would disappoint the society, because of his commitment with her, but in time, loses his feelings for her. We should not choose, just because of pressures around us.

What does a dead star mean?

Dead Stars’ means memories of the past. That people sometimes look at it for a while and realize that it has already been dead, already vanished. The story was told in the 3rd person point of view. The author played as the storyteller in the short story.

Why dead star is the title of the story?

The story is entitled “Dead Stars” because the love between Julia and Alfredo seemed real. – came from a family that is well-known for being prosperous and outstanding. – She graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1912 where she also became a professor that teaches about short story writing.

What type of woman is Julia in dead stars?

Julia Salas She is the other woman in the life of Alfredo Salazar. She is a thoughtful, beautiful and winsome woman who is good at conversing on different and profound issues. She is energetic, enigmatic and vital, a complete opposite of Alfredo. This may be one of the reasons he gravitates toward her.

Why is the story titled dead stars?

What is the moral lesson of the story dead star?

Answer: Conveying the theme that pertains to forbidden love. It says that forbidden love is only apparent and its banes haunt the person until such time he realizes his faults.

What dead stars all about?

The short story revolves around one man, Alfredo Salazar and the affairs of his heart. He is a man who believes in true love and hopes to find bliss in its wake. The first woman he falls in love with is Esperanza. Their families are acquainted with each other and they thus they begin a passionate relationship.

What is the story dead stars all about?

What is the conflict of the story dead stars?

Conflict. The conflict of the story is begin to Alfredo because he is not ready to take a commitment to Esperanza even they are engage in many years, although Alfredo seemed uncertain of his real wants. It is not to mean though that Alfredo is afraid to commit. He just fell in love with another woman named Julia Salas.

What is the characteristics of Alfredo in dead stars?

Alfredo Salazar is a lawyer and the main character in the story. He is the love of the life of Esperanza. They have been together for four years and meant to get married in May. Their relationship in the beginning was full of enthusiasm, full of love and happiness.

What are dead stars?

White dwarfs are the hot, dense remnants of long-dead stars. They are the stellar cores left behind after a star has exhausted its fuel supply and blown its bulk of gas and dust into space. A single white dwarf contains roughly the mass of our sun in a volume no bigger than our planet.

Who are the characters in Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez?

Julia Salas- Judge Del Valle’s sister-in-law. She is Alfredo Salazar’s other daughter who stays unmarried throughout her existence. Dionisio- Donna Adella’s boyfriend. Vicente- Carmen’s boyfriend. Brigida Samuy- She is the elusive lady searching for by Alfredo. Donna Adella- Julia Salas’s daughter.

Who are Alfredo and Esperanza in Dead Stars?

In Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez, Alfredo is engaged to Esperanza. However, he is having an internal conflict because he isn’t sure he is ready to get married. Point of view dead stars by paz marquez benitez? When Alfredo Decide to marry Esperanza.

What does Alfredo represent in the book Paz?

Alfredo symbolizes the greed and indecisiveness of men when it comes to dealing with the matters of the emotion. He had entertained the pull of an anonymous feeling. Anonymous since he never really ventured to understand it but he clung to it anyway.

Why are Alfredo and Julia like Dead Stars?

The love between Alfredo and Julia seemed to be real but, as time goes by the love they had lost and fades like a dead star so disillusionment, reminiscent of the past that doesn’t exist anymore. No, not because of lost youth, he finds her to be different from that person he perceived her to be all these years.