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What do his parents talk to him about regarding his apprehension?

What do his parents talk to him about regarding his apprehension?

At the end of Chapter 1, he tells them that he is apprehensive about this ceremony. They spend Chapter 2 talking to him and reassuring him that everything will be fine. He feels better, but still has no idea what his assignment will be.

What conversation does Jonas have with his parents about love?

Instead of saying they love Jonas, his mother says she “enjoys” him, and his father says he takes pride in Jonas’s accomplishments. Jonas’s parents’ response reflects the community’s shallow culture under the laws of Sameness.

What does Jonas conversation with his parents reveal about how decisions are made within their community?

His conversation with The Giver also shows that he is beginning to doubt the rationale argument for why the community made these choices. Jonas also lies for the first time, which demonstrates that he is willingly breaking rules of his community, and doing so Grade 7: The Giver Page 3 even with those closest to him.

What happens in chapter 2 of the giver?

The Giver Chapter 2. Jonas’s parents begin talking about the Ceremony in December. During the conversation, Jonas remembers the ceremonies he has had before and the ceremonies he has seen. During the ceremony, each one of them is brought up to the stage to be given names.

What warning does Jonas’s mother give?

The most important elder. What is the warning that Jonas’s mother gives him about how his life will change after he turns twelve? Jonas’s mother said that he won’t have much free time anymore and he probably won’t be hanging out with his friends much but the people he works with.

What is Jonas and his parents private conversation about?

In chapter two Jonas and his parents had a private conversation about the celebration of twelve on December. Then Jonas came in his mind when his parents brought Lily to the family and when she was named. All the conversation was about how the ceremonies are when they become twelve.

What is Jonas first lie to his parents?

Jonas’ first experience with lying came when he asked his parents about love, after which, he received a stern lecture about the necessity for precision of language. When Jonas’ mother asked him if he understood that using a word like “love” was inappropriate, he lied and told her yes.

Why does Jonas ask his parents if they love him?

That night following the Christmas memory, Jonas courageously asks his parents if they love him. They tell him that the word love is too generalized a word, so meaningless that “it’s become almost obsolete.” His mother even asks him if he “understands why it is inappropriate to use a word like ‘love.

What was Jonas first lie to his parents?

The first time Jonas lies, he tells his parents that he understand that the word “love” is imprecise and should not be used in chapter 16. When Jonas is chosen as Receiver of Memory, he gets a list of instructions.

What can the other Twelves do that Jonas is not allowed?

The other twelves can share their training experiences. What can the other twelves do that Jonas is not allowed? To grasp the concept of color, the Giver had Jonas remember the ___ and look at the books that had color. He emphasized the color of ___’s hair.

What are the two instances of rule breaking in chapter 2 the giver?

One of the only rules ever broken is when children are taught to ride bicycles before the appropriate time, a rule that Jonas’s father broke by teaching Lily how to ride a bicycle.

What is the most important job in the giver Chapter 2?

As stated in Chapter 2, the Receiver is the most important elder. For example, only the Receiver can change important rules, though the other elders do not like to bother the Receiver about small things. The community has only one Receiver of Memories, and it is a very esteemed position.