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What did Frosty say when he first came to life?

What did Frosty say when he first came to life?

5) What does Frosty say when he comes to life? When Frosty comes to life, he always says “Happy Birthday!”

What did Frosty do when he came to life?

5 What exactly brought Frosty to life? Frosty came to life after a hat, thrown away by failing magician, Professor Hinkle, blew onto his head. It was revealed that this hat was magic.

What was the name of the evil magician who threw his hat away?

Professor Hinkle : If that hat is magic, I want it back! Karen : But it’s not yours anymore; you threw it away!

How did Frosty get to the North Pole?

When the kids couldn’t afford the ticket, they decided to stowaway on an ice cream car on the train. They legit thought they could get to the North Pole and back by dinner time …

What should we name him Frosty?

When Karen is crying over the melted Frosty, her reflection doesn’t move. After the kids build the snowman, one of them suggests they name him Harold.

Did Frosty the Snowman say happy birthday?

The children get out of school at 3pm on the dot, and they go straight to building a snowman, shortly after they place the hat on Frosty and he comes to life and says “happy birthday”. Moments later, the hat is removed. A short time later the hat returns and is placed on Frosty’s head again.

Who brought Frosty to life?

Professor Hinkle
Professor Hinkle throws his magic hat onto Frosty which brings him to life in the Christmas classic. Billy De Wolfe, who died in 1974, voices Professor Hinkle in the film.

Who owned the hat in Frosty the snowman?

A snowman needs a top hat, of course. So they find one and put it on his head, naming him Frosty. Turns out the hat belongs to a particularly nasty magician named Professor Hinkle, who wants his hat back. So the kids must get Frosty to the North Pole before he melts and must contend with Professor Hinkle along the way.

What did the kid say in Frosty?

Frosty (voiced by Jackie Vernon) is alive long enough to shout, “Happy Birthday!” and then the wind blows the hat off again, snatched up by Hinkle, who pooh-poohs the kids saying Frosty was alive, even though he saw it for himself.

What color was frosty the snowman’s hat?

Frosty later appeared in stop-motion animation in the movie Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July. His design in this film was largely the same as his Winter Wonderland appearance, except his hat was now colored orange (despite being the same magic hat) and his eyes were re-colored blue.

Who brings Frosty to life?

What did Frosty the Snowman say when he came to life?

Upon coming to life, Frosty’s first words were “happy birthday!” Longtime fans of the movie have speculated as to why this was the jolly snowman’s first earthly sentence. “He’s supposed to be a little stupid, so he mixes things up and says Happy Birthday instead of Merry Christmas,” one forum user wrote. “No, no, no.

What was one thing that Frosty said he didn’t like?

What was the one thing that Frosty said he didn’t like? 6. While parading through the town with the kids, Frosty surprised a policeman. What did he accidentally swallow? 7. How much did it cost for a train ticket to the North Pole? 8. Who was the little girl who went with Frosty to the North Pole? 9. What was the name of the helpful rabbit? 10.

Why did Santa bring Frosty back to life?

Santa tells Karen that because Frosty was made of Christmas magic, he could never permanently die. Every year, he said, Frosty would come back. To prove this, Santa used his own magic to bring Frosty back to life and made Professor Hinkle apologize for being so mean.

How did Hocus Pocus come up with the name Frosty?

The children wondered what to name their new snowman, until a girl named Karen suggested they call him Frosty. Just then, Hocus-Pocus the rabbit came hopping by in his magician’s hat as a big gust of wind blew. It picked up Hocus Pocus and his hat and blew them into the children.