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What are the 2 segments of a spider?

What are the 2 segments of a spider?

Spider body parts Unlike an insect, the spider’s body is in two sections. The head and thorax, bearing the eyes, mouthparts and legs, are fused together to form the cephalothorax.

What are the 2 sections an arachnid body are divided into?

Except among daddy longlegs and the mites and ticks, in which the entire body forms a single region, the arachnid body is divided into two distinct regions: the cephalothorax, or prosoma, and the abdomen, or opisthosoma.

Are spiders invertebrates?

An invertebrate is a cold-blooded animal with no backbone. Invertebrates can live on land—like insects, spiders, and worms—or in water. Marine invertebrates include crustaceans (such as crabs and lobsters), mollusks (such as squids and clams), and coral.

Do spiders form groups?

A social spider is a spider species whose individuals form relatively long-lasting aggregations. Whereas most spiders are solitary and even aggressive toward other members of their own species, some hundreds of species in several families show a tendency to live in groups, often referred to as colonies.

Does spider have backbones?

The major difference is a backbone: invertebrates lack this bone structure. Spiders happen to be invertebrates, with a slew of their arthropod kin. In place of the backbone, spiders have rigid outer coatings.

How many sections does a spider have in its body?

Spiders have their body divided into two sections, unlike the other commonly seen group of arthropods, the insects, who have their body divided into three sections.

How is the body of a spider different from an insect?

The body of spiders is divided in two major parts. The first (anterior) part of the body is called the cephalothorax. Spiders are different from insects. The body of insects is divided in three major parts: head, thorax and abdomen. If we compare a spider with an insect, the cephalothorax is a combination of head and thorax.

Are there any spiders that are externally segmented?

The exception to this rule are the assassin spiders in the family Archaeidae, whose cephalothorax is divided into two parts by an elongated “neck”. In the majority of spiders, the abdomen is not externally segmented.

How are spiders different from all other arachnids?

Spiders are a unique class of arachnids, and are distinguished by… Unlike other insects, the most populous type of arthropods – spiders have bodies divided into two segments or tagmata (singular: tagma). These are the cephalothorax, formed by a fusion of the head and thorax ( cephalon means head/brain), and the abdomen.