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What are some fun facts about Kansas?

What are some fun facts about Kansas?

Fun Facts

  • Kansas was named after the Kansa Native Americans.
  • Kansas has so many tornadoes, it has the nickname ‘Tornado Alley’.
  • Kansas is the home of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
  • The State Song of Kansas is ‘Home on the Range’.
  • Smith County is the center of the 48 contiguous United States.

How old is the state of Kansas?

Kansas Territory was organized on May 30, 1854, from Missouri Territory (also identified in some statutes as Indian Country or Indian Territory), and included part of present-day Colorado. Kansas was admitted to the Union on January 29, 1861, as the 34th state, with generally the same boundary as the present state.

What are 10 facts about Kansas?

10 Cool Facts About Kansas That Everyone Should Learn

  • It’s illegal to shoot rabbits from a motorboat.
  • Helium was discovered here in 1905, at the University of Kansas.
  • Wichita’s DeBruce grain elevator is the longest in the world.
  • Kansas is the home of Pizza Hut, White Castle (and sliders), and also ICEE drinks!

Who is a famous person from Kansas City?

Notable residents of Kansas City, Missouri include these: cartoonists Walt Disney, Friz Freleng, and Ub Iwerks; musicians Count Basie, Melissa Etheridge, Eminem, and Tech N9ne; politicians Emanuel Cleaver and Tom Pendergast; actors Don Cheadle, Rob Riggle, Paul Rudd, and Jason Sudeikis; reporter Walter Cronkite; pilot …

What are some interesting things about Kansas?

The high plains of far western Kansas rise to its border with Colorado, and there, in a series of relatively low mountains. Mount Sunflower is the highest natural point in the state of Kansas . At 1,231 meters (4,039 feet), it is 1,010 meters (3,300 feet) above the state’s topographic low point in southeastern Kansas.

What are some interesting facts about Kansas City?

Interesting Facts about Kansas City How Kansas City got its name… Some History… Movement west – Santa Fe, California, Oregon trails, and more! KC is the home of barbecue. There are more than 100 barbecue restaurants, serving dishes liked pulled pork, ribs and burnt ends.

What is Kansas State famous for?

The Midwestern state of Kansas is most famously known as the backdrop for the American film classic The Wizard of Oz, but the Sunflower State has so much more to explore than what most people know from the movie. As the 15 th largest state by size, Kansas is rooted in agriculture,…