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What are good things about monsoons?

What are good things about monsoons?

The summer monsoon fills wells and aquifers for the rest of the year. Rice and tea are some crops that rely on the summer monsoon. Dairy farms, which help make India the largest milk producer in the world, also depend on the monsoon rains to keep cows healthy and well-fed.

What are the negatives of monsoons?

Because regions with a monsoon climate have distinctly wet and dry seasons, they are prone to floods and droughts, both of which are hazardous to health. During summer monsoons, heavy rainfall can cause flooding.

What are the three main advantages of monsoon?


  • 1.It helps in irrigation.
  • 2.It makes weather cooler.
  • 3.It gives us relief from summer.
  • 4.It makes earth surface moist.

What are 3 facts about monsoon?

Interesting Monsoon Facts

  • There are nearly 500,000 lightning strikes during a monsoon.
  • The name ‘monsoon’ is believed to be derived from the Arabic word ‘mausim.
  • Arizona receives 31.5% of its total annual rainfall during a monsoon.
  • In several parts of the world, life depends on the monsoon rains.

What are the positives and negatives of monsoons?

Monsoons can have both negative and positive effects. Flooding caused by monsoon rains can destroy property and crops (SF Fig. 3.2 C). However, seasonal monsoon rains can also provide freshwater for drinking and crop irrigation.

How are monsoons caused?

The primary cause of monsoons is the difference between annual temperature trends over land and sea. This low pressure regions sees continuous rise of moist wind from the sea surface to the upper layers of the atmosphere, where the cooling means the air can no longer hold so much moisture resulting in precipitation.

What do you mean by good monsoon?

noun. the seasonal wind of the Indian Ocean and southern Asia, blowing from the southwest in summer and from the northeast in winter. (in India and nearby lands) the season during which the southwest monsoon blows, commonly marked by heavy rains; rainy season. any wind that changes directions with the seasons.

Can a monsoon cause Wildfire *?

These lightning busts can lead to multiple fire ignitions that can overwhelm local firefighting resources. Sometimes fires ignited from one of these thunderstorm patterns can lay undetected and smolder for several days.

What are the causes and effects of monsoons?

Monsoons are the result of temperature differences between land and sea because the heat from solar radiation. It happens because the land and the ocean waters absorb heat differently. During the hot season, the surface of the land warms faster than water, a difference that causes a low-pressure area over land and higher pressure at sea.

What are the effects of a monsoon?

Effects. The straight effect of the monsoons is the abundance and intensity of precipitation. Torrential rains can have adverse effects such as flooding and landslides that often cause destruction in urban and rural areas, and sometimes death of people in that region. However, rains have a positive side as well,…

What effects do monsoons have on people in South Asia?

The monsoon’s unpredictable rainfall and wind patterns can lead to landslides and floods that wreak havoc on the agriculture and food supply of people in the southern Asia region.

How do monsoons affect India?

Reuters explains that bad monsoons cause India to import more food, resulting in inflation. Bad monsoons also lower the incomes of rural workers — who make up two thirds of India’s population — which in turn lowers demand for consumer goods and hampers growth.